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Mom's Eagle Quilt

Collection of Anna Marks: Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Applique eagle quilt motifs were popular designs during the 19th century, especially around times when there was a great deal of national pride. This use of our national symbol continued well into the 20th century. This quilt was made by Anna Marks' grandmother sometime during the very early 1900's. For larger image, click here.




"The Princess Feather"

The Princess Feather Pattern was a popular applique pattern in the 19th and even into the 20th century. I have heard that this design originates from the time when "ladies in waiting" were presented to the Prince of England - it was custom for the ladies upon presentation to be wearing a feather hat. Perhaps then, the better name is, "Prince's Feather". Quilt makers adapted the basic feather pattern to suit their taste, and fabric choices reflect those popular during the era that the quilt was made.

These quilts show the outcome of diverse design during the 1800's and early 1900's. The first quilt is a single princess feather medallion, while the second Princess Feather has a classic 4 block motif.


Princess Feather;

c 1840 - private collection. For a larger image, click here.

Princess Feather

c 1860 - Mountain Mist Historical Quilt Collection
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Hawaiian Quilt Treasures

What is it about a traditional Hawaiian Quilt that causes awe, and the pause for a second look? Is it the tradition, the folklore, the intricacy of the design, the quilting, or the applique? Obviously, there is no one right answer, but there is something special about these quilts that sets them apart with a name uniquely their own.

The concept and technique of quilting may have been introduced to the Islands by missionaries in the early 1800's, but by the end of the century Hawaiians had adapted a style of their own, frequently using nature as an inspiration for their designs. The symbolic and symmetrical patterns of native Hawaiian quilt patterns are frequently adapted from the maker's concept of various Island vegetation ~ flowers, trees, or plants, or from an important memorable event in the quilter's life.

These special quilts are endowed with tales of tradition and superstition. The generous and endearing Hawaiian spirit only confirms the tradition that Hawaiian Quilts were often made as a gift. A continuation of the tradition was that the maker would sleep under the quilt for one night so that their spirit would go with the quilt to the recipient.One cultural tale with the making of the quilt.

These Hawaiian quilts are some shared by the KA HUI KAPA APANA O WAIMEA (The Hawaiian Quilt Club of Waimea). The photographs were taken at the 1997 Glendale Quilter's Guild Show. My thanks to Chung Pring, quilter, club member, and resident of Kamuela, Hawaii, for sharing these quilts and background information.


"Grapes" c1940/1995

This quilt top was hand appliqued by Dorothy Badua's mother the 1940's and completed by Dorothy in 1995 when Dorothy developed an interest in Hawaiian quilting. 

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Kuu' Aloah Makamae" ~ (My Precious Love) c. 1997

made by: Dorothy Badua for her husband Ben

One of the wonderful traditions of Hawaiian women is that they frequently made quilts for their husbands ~ the reason? They wanted to 'cover' their husbands with love.

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"Tahitian Ulu" ~ (Tahitian Breadfruit) c. 1995

made by: Jennifer Souza

The 'ULU' or breadfruit quilts are one of the most common Hawaiian quilting designs. Although many pattern varieties are found, they are all symbolic of this native plant. Many quilters have made an 'ULU' quilt as a first quilt to insure that there will always be fruit in the home.

for a larger view, and more about this quilt, click here


"Nohea" ~ (It's Lovely) c 1996

made by: Mary Jackson

This sampler quilt was hand appliqued and hand embroidered in a 'chicken feet' pattern, and hand quilted. For a larger image and more great information on this quilt, click here. 




Each member of this quilt club, makes a quilt block and embroiders on the block their name and the year they joined the club. The quilt pattern can be copied from the club's extensive library of patterns or it can be an original design. When enough blocks are completed, the quilt is assembled and circulated among those members for echo quilting of each individual's block. This quilt is the club's first such quilt, and is was started in 1972.

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