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Want to post about a really great exchange host or hostess or get some information about someone before entering an excahnge. Here's the place to do it.

Please think carefully before making any negative comments. Remember, all feedback is subjective.

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Date: 5/23/5 11:30 AM - Commenter's Name - Mary
Trade Host Name: Trading post
E-mail Address:
Rating: Poor

It seems like there is always a problem with the trading post, items for sale. Right now, it hasn't been updated since 4/18/05. Today is 5/23/05. What is up with it?

Date: 2/25/5 4:15 PM - Commenter's Name - Lisa Pankey
Trade Host Name: frogstitchit
E-mail Address: frogstitchit@yahoo.com
Rating: Excellent

frogstitchit offered a bag of scraps free to anyone who was interested. I replied and she was very nice to ship them to me without asking for shipping cost or anything. There are still decent people in this world. Thank you frogstitchit! These fabrics are awesome.

Date: 1/17/5 9:29 AM - Commenter's Name - Joyce
Trade Host Name: Janice T.
E-mail Address: hjet22@hamilton.net
Rating: Excellent

Janice hosted a round robin and everything went great! Excellent hostess.. Recommend highly. Thanks for letting me participate in your round robin.. Joyce in OH

Date: 8/13/4 11:45 AM - Commenter's Name - Marge Cook
Trade Host Name: Amanda Kay Hagee
E-mail Address: GageeYellowRose@postmark.net
Rating: Poor

I joined a Round Robin with five other ladies. The co-ordinator of this project was Amanda. When she received the RR she promptly kept them. We have e-mailed her and sent snail mail to no avail. Today I sent a registered letter to her to see if I get a response. I hope nothing like sickness or death has prevented her from getting back to us. We are still working on it. Aparently she was in another group and has not kept up her end of the bargain there either. So beware all. Marge in Pa.

Date: 2/14/4 8:00 PM - Commenter's Name - tchngogso
Trade Host Name: Shannon LaCount
E-mail Address: frecklesquilts@yahoo.com
Rating: Poor

RE: Minis N Rounds Round Robin

This hostess was the last person to have my quilt. She claimed it was being sent to me, but then refused to answer my emails when I asked about it. When I called her, she hung up on me. I still have no idea what happened to my quilt and all the fabrics that were included in the swap.

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