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Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 18:42:12
From: Jocelyn
Subject: Summary Pattern Clubs

General consensus "It's expensive." For both you get two packets (6 patterns with templates &newsletter) a month. So in a year you will have spent $150-$170 for 72 patterns (actually spend and get more because the mailings end up coming every 3 weeks or so, and that doesn't include S&H).
But there are many who continue or have completed the clubs and are quite satisfied.
Who won? Well Spinning Spools was recommended for those who like Georgia Bonesteel's stuff. That club is based on her designs. Oxmoor offers 4 of her books and 2 of her videos in addition to the pattern club.
The majority recommended Best-Loved Quilt Patterns and I signed up for it yesterday. For both you get "fairly heavy templates" that are "nicely labeled". For those of you that like quick cutting methods they aren't offered -- but I found a way to use templates with a rotary cutter and a plastic ruler, so it doesn't matter. BLQP offers photos of each quilt, and also sends a packet of punched quilting stencils (probably not for each quilt but more for general use).
If you want a catalog of Oxmoor's books and collections, Oxmoor's number is 1-800-633-4910.

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