Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines

This is a picture of Sue's Featherweight.

It was made in 1950 and is in perfect condition. It came from Missouri with all the attachements and case.

Many thanks to Michele B. : )

The best machine around for piecing, the Featherweight was manufactured in the United States from 1934 to 1964. The Featherweight earns its name by weighing only 11 pounds and 1 ounce. The only stitch that the Featherweight does is straight stitching, but it does it like no other machine. It is one of the quietest running sewing machines available. Quilters have fallen in love with the Featherweight because of its beautiful stitching and because its light weight makes it the perfect machine to take to classes.

Featherweight Mailing List - Join the Featherweight Fanatics

This is a new manually run mailing list started by Sue Traudt on Sept. 10th, 1995. It is devoted to the discussion of Featherweights and other older machines. To join, use this form FWFanatics Subscription form Note: the buying and selling of Featherweights &attachments is allowed on this list,using this link.

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Dating Featherweights from the Serial Numbers:

The serial number can be found stamped on the bottom of the Featherweight.

Featherweight Reference Book

Featherweight 221, The Perfect Portable by Nancy Johnson-Srebro, Silver Star Publishing, PA, 1992

Contains a reprint of the orginal Feather manual plus alot of other important information for Featherweight and would-be Featherweight owners.

Did you know?

From: Penny P

Are other Featherweight owners aware of the beautiful wood that is hiding under that ugly black paper on the Featherweight case? In a class that I took a few years ago on servicing the Featherweight this woman walked in with an exquisite oak case . . . all of us assumed that her machine had come without a case and that she had this one cu$$tom made! She did not! The paper on her case had started to peel and one afternoon she just peeled all of it off . . . found this beautiful oak underneath and sanded, stained and sealed it . . . It was (is) beautiful.

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