A word of caution from Mimi Dietrich

My name is Mimi Dietrich. I am the author of several books published by That Patchwork Place (Happy Endings, Baltimore Bouquets, Quilts from the Smithsonian). I write, teach, travel, applique, quilt, buy fabric :) and try to keep up with my family! As quilters, the tools we use in our art are important and we trust that the companies will provide us with quality products.

I have had a serious, disturbing problem with Hobb's Organic Cotton Batting. Cotton debris in the unbleached batt has resulted in stains on light fabrics in two quilts made for my latest book of quilts adapted from the Smithsonian collection. The stains have been described as "age spots, oil spots, or small burns". They were not evident until eight months after the completion of the quilt, originally described by an appraiser as "pristine". If you have had a similar problem or would like more information, please e-mail me privately.
Mimi Dietrich

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