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December 20, 2004
What quilting goodies does everyone have on their holiday gift list this year?
December 6, 2004
I have been advised to use white vinegar when washing my new fabric for the first time to set the dye. I have also been told to use salt in the wash to set dye. Which one works the best?
October 4, 2004
Could you help me locate some examples of quilts that tell a person's life story? I think they are called biography quilts. I have no quilting experience but I would like to design and make a life story quilt for my daughter
September 13, 2004
Some pins that I used to keep together pices of a scrap quilt in progress, turned rusty and now there are rust stains on the fabric. How can I get these stains out?
August 30, 2004
What is the traditional way to attach yo-yo's to a pieced quilt (as embellishments)?
August 9, 2004
I recently bought a new pattern that uses the reverse applique technique, but the instructions are not too clear -- can anyone simplify this technique for me?
July 26, 2004
My guild maintains that a wall hanging made out of Mickey Mouse fabric cannot be sold at our annual quilt show because it would violate Disney's licensing and copyright. I maintain that the fabric company who produces the fabric has paid the license fee and sells it to me when I purchase the fabric.
July 12, 2004
I own a depression-era quilt top made by my great-grandmother. Unfortunately, my grandmother thought it required quilting before she gave it to me in the 80's and took it to a lady who machine quilted it with colorless invisible thread onto a mauve backing (trendy for the 80's). The quilting was done without regard for the design at all. I really think in this case the quilting detracts from the piece. Is the situation hopeless, or could I pick out the stitches and either leave it as a top or re-quilt it with hand stitches and a more suitable fabric?
June 21, 2004
What is the best way to clean a hand pieced quilt? I have several large quilts and would like to know the best way to clean them safely.
June 7, 2004
I've tried and tried but just can't seem to miter corners - is there a very easy way of mitering corners ?
May 24, 2004
What is the best way to enlarge a finished quilt?
May 3, 2004
What is the best way to hand tie a quilt ? - I am looking for ways with or without a sewing machine.
April 19, 2004
How is a row/round robin quilt exchange organized?
April 5, 2004
I'm a first time, wet behind the ears, hand quilter. I have been quilting with a 16 inch hoop and have finished the inside area of my quilt top. My question now is how do I quilt the last 2 inches all around the quilt? If I take it off the hoop won't it pucker the edges?
March 29, 2004
I made a king size, log cabin for my bed - I quilted with monofilament and 100% cotton thread. The batting is cotton so it's pretty heavy quilt. The threads are breaking whenever you pull on the quilt. I'm not sure which type of thread is breaking first. What can I do to repair the quilt? Do I need to requilt the entire thing using different thread?
March 15, 2004
Can you please tell me how the quilters from long ago attached frames to the ceiling. I need to know how they raised and lowered them.
March 8, 2004
What do they mean by "American piecing" method ?
February 23, 2004
How do I go about making a design board for my sewing room?
February 9, 2004
I have been quilting for a number of years and I would like to know what other quilters find the easiest in making half square triangle in large quantities and true to size?
January 26, 2004
What are the most important things to do when piecing with flannel?
January 19, 2004
Is there a computer designing program out there that will aid you not only in designing a quilt but also advise how much fabric to buy and guide you in cutting the fabric with a rotary cutting system?
January 5, 2004
What can you do when wrinkled batting won't lay flat? I have laid it out flat for 24 hours. I've tried smoothing the wrinkles out with my hand--this just tends to stretch the batting.

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