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December 29, 2003
And finally - what quilt/sewing related gifts did you receive ?
December 15, 2003
What quilty gifts have you made for giving ?
December 1, 2003
I know I ask this ever year, but here I go again - What quilting things are on your holiday wish list this year ?
November 10, 2003
I am confused about which type of thread to use for piecing - 100% cotton, cotton/poly, regular sewing thread - what do you use?
October 20, 2003
I would like to know if anyone knows how to make a quilted dress - I was watching a movie set in the Civil War era and the women were wearing dresses that looked like they were quilts. Any ideas, hints, patterns, etc.?
October 13, 2003
In your opinion what would be the best quilt to make as a wedding present ?
September 22, 2003
I would like to know how many of you quilters out there are men/ know of men who quilt. I sometimes feel a bit lonely quilting all by myself (Brisbane, Australia), but the Internet sure helps. Also, how many of you men/the men you know who quilt are interested in miniature quilts (I have just discovered them and am hooked!)?
September 1, 2003
I would like to make a quilt out of my childrens old baby clothes -does anyone has any helpful hints or patterns to get me started ?
August 25, 2003
I do not have access to purchase cotton batting, and have an aversion to all things polyester!! Are there any alternatives to batting with which to fill a quilt-flannel for instance, or cotton felt? We live in a very hot city so I don't need my quilts to be particularly warm, or fluffy.
August 18, 2003
I love to paint and I love to quilt, I was wondering what kind of paint would work best for a quilting project?
August 11, 2003
What is the best way to determine the value of a dark color in a water color quilt? I have a ruby red value indicator, but all darks look dark.
August 4, 2003
I have notice several quilts made recently with crayons used to replace the fabric for applique - how to you do this and do you have to use special crayons?
July 21, 2003
What a fussy cut square is and how it is done?
July 14, 2003
Does anyone know how to estimate how much binding you need for a quilt with scalloped edges such as Apple Core?
June 30, 2003
How do you decide the best size of sashing to use between blocks? Is it based on a percentage of the size of the block? Does it depend on the size you want the finished block?
June 16, 2003
Realizing all hand quilters are not alike I would like some help on selecting quilting needles. Is one brand better than another and which size is the best?
June 2, 2003
How do I correct a quilt block that in no way lays flat? I have taken it apart twice and have had no luck at convincing it the lay flat.
May 19, 2003
When considering a sampler quilt, are there any "rules" as to which blocks work best with each other or is it the fabrics that keep it cohesive?
April 28, 2003
How do you keep the seam allowances from showing through the quilt top?
April 14, 2003
What are your feelings about crafts made fom old quilts called "cutter quilts"?
April 7, 2003
What would the top 4 or 5 items that a judge would look for in a prize winning quilt?
March 24, 2003
If you knew you were going to be stranded in a cabin in a blizzard for 2 weeks what SINGLE quilt book would you take with you?
March 17, 2003
What is your most favourite fabric colour? Also, what is your favourite type of fabric? Batik? Tone-on-tone? Feedsack? Reproduction? Flannel? Geometric cotton? Flowered flannel?
March 10, 2003
How does everyone store their fabric - what organization do you use?
March 3, 2003
What is it that makes you want to quilt and how did you get started?
February 24, 2003
I would like to know the differences between the various types of batting, what makes a batting superior over another?
February 17, 2003
Sorry, no new question. We got caught up in the President's Day blizzard!!
February 10, 2003
I have a number of scrap silks from kimonos and find it difficult to use them in quilt making because they move too much. Any tips on how to use them in patchwork?
Fenruary 3, 2003
How do you pre-wash? Hot, Warmm orcold water? How long? Pre Soak? Soap or not? Do you always pre wash? What about drying? Is one method better that the next?
January 20, 2003
Has anyone found a way to print directly on fabric with an Ink Jet Printer and have it color fast without using the "Bubble Jet 2000" and the rinse?
January 6, 2003
How does a rag quilt differ from a regular quilt? How would I go about making one?

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