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December 16, 2002
I am considering a new table for my sewing room. What styles do you like and what sites are best on the web.
December 9, 2002
I have heard rumors and rumblings about dying in Mason jars using three colors of Rit dye - it seems to be the loudest from "down under'', Australia way and I am eager to hear more.
November 11, 2002
What can I do with a quilt top that is not flat? I want to machine quilt it but its rippely and hard to get flat. Is it a lost cause, should I give up?
November 4, 2002
I am a new quilter,or wanna be - How do you organize colors, and prints when you are buying them?
October 28, 2002
I have a household sewing machine and I do free motion quilting. Sometimes the bobbin thread gets screwed up and the top stitches pull. What am I doing wrong?
October 21, 2002
I am somewhat of a new quilter with a love for fabric. For the past year I have been receiving eight 1930's style fabric fat quarters a month so I now have quite a collection - I would now like to put a quilt together. Any quilt blocks you can recommend for the beginner quilter?
October 7, 2002
Especially for smaller wall-hangings, what innovative methods [besides traditional rods/casings, manufactured clips, brackets, and similar items] are people using to hang quilts on walls?
September 30, 2002
I inherited a quilt that my Great-Great grandmother had made (circa early 1800's). Because it was only preserved by being in a paper bag, by the time I received it, it was already starting to fall apart, revealing that there is another "finished" quilt beneath the ragged and torn "top" quilt - Should I remove the top "rgged layer and try to preserve the bottom "Original" quilt?
September 23, 2002
How would I write an Artist Statement, and an Artistic Resume?
September 16, 2002
Our guild is looking for new and interesting challenges, any ideas?
September 9, 2002
I want to try raw edge applique over a previously constructed quilt top - does anyone have suggestions for a good instructional book to use? Is it necessary to add a stabilizer under the top when I am sewing the applique on to the top?
September 2, 2002
What is the difference between buying fabric at stores like Wal-mart, Joanne's or a quilting store? Is there a difference? Do the fabrics hold up differently? Does the color fade faster?
August 26, 2002
Sorry, no new question due to back-to-school preparations
August 19, 2002
What exactly is three dimensional quilting?
August 12, 2002
When I rotary cut the sashing strips, they are wavy in the middle - sometimes I need to cut long lengths and there is always a part that is wavy. What am I doing wrong when I cut these strips?
August 8, 2002
I am a new quilter and have an old Viking sewing machine and I wonder if there are better machines designed for the quilter. I would like to know what most of you think is the better sewing machine now in the market for a quilter that wants to do her own machine quilting.
July 29, 2002
I'm going to hand piece a Lone Star quilt using the English paper piecing method. Current instructions are for strip piecing and follow the grain on two sides of the diamond and two on the bias. Older instructions say cut the length of grain from point to point, thus all sides are on the bias. What are your thoughts/feedback/preferences??<
July 22, 2002
I would like to know what causes - and how to prevent - my quilt batting to work its way to the outside of the quilt resulting in stringing and pilling. I use a cotton-polyester batting. The quilt is constructed using quality cotton fabrics.
July 15, 2002
I don't have a sewing machine, but I've seen that a quilt can be done by hand piecing - Do you have any suggestions on books or a place I can get information on how to get started.
July 8, 2002
I am new to quilting and have finished the top to a quilt for my son's bed. The fabric I bought for the backing is not as wide as the top. What is the best way to piece the backing together so the seams are not so noticeable?
July 1, 2002
No new question this week due to vacation
June 24, 2002
What is the maximum space that is desirable between rows of stitching when quilting a quilt, regardless of the pattern? Should different types of batting be quilted closer than others
June 17, 2002
I have heard about lap quilting and would like any information you have about it. Is it different? - I am making my first quilt by quilting each block and then sewing them together, any suggestions. Are there any books on this subject with sample quilts best to quilt this way? - I am making a quilt & travel frequently. I would like to guilt it while traveling. How do I go about quilting a block at a time & then assemble the quilt.
June 10, 2002
How do you like spray baste? Is there any one product better than others? Is it better for machine or hand quilting, or does it matter? Any hints or warnings?
June 3, 2002
What's the latest software for designing foundation piecing squares? Can it be done without a computer?
May 27, 2002
No new question due to the holiday.
May 20, 2002
How many methods are there for making half square triangles ? What type of rulers would you suggest?
May 13, 2002
Why I missed several Question of the Week postings
May 6, 2002
What is a round robin and how does it work?
April 22, 2002
When machine quilting, I often have to start or stop quilting in the middle of the quilt - how should I knot and hide the loose threads at the beginning and ending of my sewing line?
April 15, 2002
How do I quilt a crazy quilt? When I put on the decorative stitches or after?
April 8, 2002
Due to child having minor surgery, there was no new question this week
April 1, 2002
Are there any books, patterns or information on reversible quilts?
March 25, 2002
I would like anyone's opinion of the handiquilter?
March 18, 2002
My mother made a silk, rayon, etc. crazy quilt. The center is the star that hung in the window when my father was in WOW II. Is there something that can be done to slow the deteriorating? I have it folded in with a quilt made from old white feed sacks.
March 11, 2002
How to do the backing of a crazy quilt done? Is it quilted like a regular quilt or is it tied?
March 4, 2002
Can you rubber stamp on muslin with fabric ink and then quilt it? Is the fabric ink is permanent? Has anyone ever tried this?
February 25, 2002
Is there any reason not to use embroidery floss to applique? I have lots of floss in a wide variety of colors and seems a handy source of thread when trying to match a wide variety of colors.
February 18, 2002
Why do my blocks get distorted other than ironing or seaming?
February 11, 2002
What is the calculation for determining fabric yardage for the quilt backing and bindings?
February 4, 2002
When cutting fabric with a rotary cutter and ruler, do you line up the fabric ON the line of the ruler, INSIDE the line of the ruler, or OUTSIDE the line of the ruler?
January 28, 2002
I have been hearing a lot about the handi-quilter - this looks like a = decent alternative to a long-arm machine for me. Have you used one = and what did you think?
January 21, 2002
I have alot of interest in a wall hanging that I made, from a pattern, of the American Flag. Can I make more and sell them?
January 14, 2002
Sorry, due to stomach flu there was no question this week.
January 7, 2002
I'm a quilter who is new to teaching a Grade One class and I wondering if anyone has ideas on how to use easy quilt patterns to teach Elementary geometry.

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