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December 10, 2001
What quilting items are your wish list to Santa this year?
November 5, 2001
I am attempting a Baltimore Album Quilt - what method of sewing around all these tiny pieces do others use? I have used the iron on fuse method, now I want to machine stitch around the images - some of which are very small and there is overlapping. I thought satin stitch would be too bulky.
October 8, 2001
What is "paper piecing?" How is it different from other piecing methods? Are there advantages to the different methods?
September 17, 2001
I would like to make a charm quilt with a different fabric for each block. My query is, what block shapes can I use? I know that I can use triangles, squares and the tumbler shape in a charm quilt - are there any other blocks that other quilters have had success with?
September 3, 2001
I am interested in quilter's experiences with the newer sewing machine's "quilting stitch" - the one's that resemble hand quilting. How do the various brands of sewing machines quilting stitches compare?
August 13, 2001
Where does the word "QUILT" come from and how old is it?
July 30, 2001
I found some flour sacks - does anyone know how they are used in quilts? Do I have to remove the writing first or use it in the quilt?
July 16, 2001
Could someone tell me the formula for quilts? (if there is one)
June 25, 2001
What have you found is the best pattern to use a fussy cut in?
June 3, 2001
Is it easier to use a hoop to keep the fabric from puckering/shifting when appliquing?
May 14, 2001
I have just entered my first judged quilt show and I won Best of Show. Does this entitle the person that machine quilted the quilt to half of the prize money (as decided by the committee running the show)? I don't quite understand her being compensated (by the quilt show) for almost the same amount that I paid her for quilting it.
April 30, 2001
I am starting to design miniature quilts and would like to frame them with mat - Do you have any suggestions? With or without glass? Any books available on the subject?
April 9, 2001
Is there anyway get lead pencil markings out of my all cotton quilt ? - have tried hair spray and alcohol but no luck
March 26, 2001
Is there a generally accepted definition of what qualifies a quilt to be a 'miniature'?
March 5, 2001
I have just finished my first quilt -- the borders see to be too big -- they ripple. I measured through the center and cut the borders that length. How do I keep this from happening?
February 5, 2001
I have an assortment of doilies and would like to know how I can use them in my quilting projects?
January 29, 2001
Our Quilt guild has had the offer of a local boy scout that would like to build us the stands that we hang our quilts on in our quilt shows for his eagle project - where could I find plans for quilt display units?
January 22, 2001
Has anyone used fusible batting? Were you happy with the results?
January 15, 2001
What household sewing machine do you recommend for free motion quilting?
January 1, 2001
I'm looking to purchase fabrics for quilting buy the pound - is this a good idea?

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