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December 12, 2000
How do you chose quilt designs that will enhance your quilt to the max?
November 13 - December 5, 2000

Hi, My name is Marty. I like to experiment. One day, I decided to see what would happen when I poured milk into that opening in the front of my Mom's new iMac. Not much happened at first, but after a day or two, Mom's computer stopped working. Daddy said that the milk shorted out the CD ROM drive (what ever that is) and that shorted out the power supply on Mommy's computer. Daddy worked very hard to try and fix Mommy's computer, but then he said that the analog board had the 'green light of death". So Daddy ended up buying Mommy a new computer. And Daddy had a long talk with me about milk, computers and experiments. I promised that I would be really good from now on!!

Anyway, my Mommy is now working very hard to get all her work caught up. And I'm doing my very best to help her out as much as I can!!

November 6, 2000
I have seen many questions and answers about knots at the beginning of quilting but I have a problem ending with a knot - it seems to catch and either will not pop thru or the thread breaks. Any sugestions as to the kind of knot and how to bury it?
October 30, 2000
Do you use speciality cutting/ruler systems like the Square in a Square or Starmaker ruler systems? Which system(s) and what do you like about it -- if you bought the rulers + books and don't use them - why not?
October 23, 2000
Does anyone have a pattern for quilted chemo caps?
October 16, 2000
What are your preferred methods for photo transfer quilts? - please be specific regarding the brands, tools, and supplies work best.
October 9, 2000
I just finished my first quilt, and attempted to machine bind it - I began by sewing the strip to the top, andrealize now that I probably should have started from the back. Any other suggestions, as I am pretty discouraged.
October 2, 2000
I have many handkerchiefs of all different types and sizes and would love any suggestions on putting them into a quilt somehow...any ideas?
September 25, 2000
I cut my blocks all the same size, I sew them all the same width and they still don't come out the same!! I hate having to trim them down to the smallest block but don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
September 18, 2000
What is the best method for adding new fabrics to quilt when you don't have enough of your orginal fabrics to complete the top?
September 11, 2000
Do you think we quilters have been brainwashed into thinking we can't choose colors? We were all doing fine in the 80's until a plethora of books hit the market blinding us with science and telling us how we were all doing it wrong
September 6, 2000
No questions due to holiday
August 28, 2000
When hand quilting, how do you knot the end of the thread so nothing shows and the end is secure?
August 21, 2000
What makes a Great Quilt?
August 14, 2000
I am a beginning quilter and I am confused about what is bias binding and what straight grain, and cross-grain binding is.
August 7, 2000
As a baby shower gift I would like to have guests each make a square for a quilt that I will assemble in advance for the mother-to-be - How do you go about asking people to make a square? Any other advice?
July 31, 2000
I used a template marking pencil on my quilt top for hand quilting - how do I remove them without damaging fabric?
July 24, 2000
No new question due to vacation
July 17, 2000
What is the best pattern to use for Double Wedding Ring - have heard of John Flynn and Sharlene Jorgenson, but would like some advice from quilters who have actually made one.
July 10, 2000
My 4/5/6th grade multi-age students would like to make a quilt - I would appreciate all suggestions/experiences that would help make the project simple, fun and rewarding.
July 3, 2000
I would like to know how to square up a quilt, after all the quilting is done and you are ready to up the binding on?
June 26, 2000
No new question due to vacation
June 19, 2000
Is it important to document your quilt? What needs to be documented?
June 12, 2000
Is there a source that can help you locate out of date books, or a listing where out of date books can be found?
June 5, 2000
Has anyone used and liked (or disliked) the gun-type of baster that shoots out plastic tacks for basting their quilts? Love it or hate it?
May 29, 2000
No question due to vacation
May 22, 2000
Can machine quilting and hand quilting be combined?
May 15, 2000
When you tie a quilt, do you leave the ends of the tie on the front or back of a quilt? Also, can you tie a quilt for the time being and later quilt it when you have time?
May 8, 2000
I have just started my first paper piecing project - what are your most valuable tips? My first problem: Some of the stitches pull out when I try to remove the paper backing.
May 1, 2000
When did the concept of machine quilting start - any idea of who first started this fast and easy way?
April 24, 2000
Where do I find out about quilting vacations in the United States - is there a web site?
April 17, 2000
I have signed up for a class, and would like to learn to quilt - my sewing machine is an old but working Singer treadle - what are my limitations?
April 10, 2000
I have recently volunteered to make the prize and participation ribbons for my guild's Challenge 2000 and I would love to receive some ideas, pointers, and information on books and patterns available on making prize ribbons
April 3, 2000
I would like to hear about peoples experiences with the Ott Lite - which size do most people seem to prefer?
March 27, 2000
What is the preferred way to have yardage cut from the bolt in the fabric store -- cut with scissors, rotary cut, or snipped at the selvedge and torn?
March 20, 2000
I received a carded wool batting as a gift and want to hand quilt it - any suggestions for thread, needles, etc.? Do I need to put a netting or something on either side of the batt to prevent bearding? Will I like this batting as much as cotton?
March 13, 2000
I have been trying to get feedback from quilters who actually use the Flynn Multi Frame to do their machine quilting - is it really easy and helpful to use?
March 6, 2000
How do you take good photographs of a quilt that show both the overall pattern and the detail of the quilt?
February 28, 2000
How do you get started on selling what you make - Is there much interest in people buying smaller projects OR is custom work in larger quilts preferred?
February 21, 2000
I foolishly left my large cutting mat (Olfa/green) in my car and now the mat has uneven areas!! I've tried everything from a heavy weight to heating with a hairdryer to get it flat again but nothing is working. Any suggestions?
February 14, 2000
I am making my 3rd attempt at a Giant Dahlia Quilt and cannot make it lay flat when finished. The first two ended up as round tablecloths!!! What am I doing wrong?
February 7, 2000
Is there such a thing as a 'hidden sleeve' on a quilt? I saw something at a quilt show where the casing or sleeve was not visible on the outside of the quilt, but incorporated into the 'sandwich' - does anyone have information on how to achieve this?
January 31, 2000
What sort of activities with your guild have been instructional, as well as fun ?
January 24, 2000
What fabics would be considered contempary? I need to know for a class coming up next month.
January 17, 2000
I have a pattern for a 10" block I would like to enlarge to a 12" block - I have tried adding a 1/4" seam but it still doesn't come out right - Help?
January 10, 2000:
I have been quilting for years, I am very interested in teaching others how to quilt - where do I find the information to learn how to do this?
January 3, 2000:
How do you remove the smell of cigarettes from a vintage quilt top?

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