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December 27, 1999
No new question due to the holidays - Happy New Year
December 20, 1999
What is everyone's quilting related New Year's resolution?
December 13, 1999
What quilt related items are on your list to Santa ?
December 6, 1999
Is it acceptable to hand quilt with silk thread?
November 29, 1999
I have a beautiful feather with a wave type stencil that I want to use for a quilt top but I don't know how to adjust it so it fits my border - is there some numeric or magical way to do this?
November 22, 1999
What are good "how to" videos for a beginning quilter?
November 15, 1999
When foundation piecing, I have trouble getting the edges of the block to be on the straight grain of the fabric when the edge pieces don't join the center at a right angle - any suggestions?
November 8, 1999
Which is the best book about Strip Piecing?
November 1, 1999
Eventually, I'll be ready to quilt the Baltimore Album Quilt I've been working on. I feel applique is too delicate to hoop. Short of buying a frame any ideas on quilting applique?
October 25, 1999
Can you tell me where i can find a drawing or blueprint on how to build a quilting rack?
October 18, 1999
Has anyone heard of the international stitch and how is it done?
October 11, 1999
I am new to quilting and am thinking of getting a subscription to a quilting magazine - what would you recommend?
October 4, 1999
Is it safe to use basting spray, i.e. Sullivans, on a baby quilt?
September 27, 1999
If anyone knows of any software available that would assist me in making quilt labels?
September 20, 1999
I am making a square in square miniature quilt and I am having a terrible time dealing with the bulkiness in the seam allowances. Some things help like lowering the pressure on the foot and lengthening the stitch length, but my machine still has won't sew straight thru the bulk in a straight line. Would a different foot, like a roller foot or some other foot help with this problem?
September 13, 1999
I am a new quilter and want to use cotton batting. Which brand(s) needle easily?
September 6, 1999
I have a bunch of handkerchiefs with lovely crocheted edges that I am considering making into a quilt - has anyone ever done this--what strategy would you suggest?
August 30, 1999
No question due to vacation
August 23, 1999
What is a charm square?
August 16, 1999
I'm considering tea-dying a white and navy blue quilt top and the backing. Does anyone have "hands on" knowledge they could pass on to me?
August 9, 1999
I recently found a product called "Quilt-Fuse" which is a fusible nonwoven layout grid. I am confused exactly how this is to be used - what type of blocks I can do with this?
August 2, 1999
Our club is looking into becoming a guild. What's the difference? Pros and cons? How do we do this? Thanks for any information
July 26, 1999
Several years ago I started a quilt. I now find I have about 30 blocks of a shoefly pattern that - due to my inconsistancy in my seam widths and inaccurate cutting - are not all the same size. Some are up to 1" larger than others. Any ideas on how I can salvage my mistake.
July 19, 1999
I love quilting, but I find that I often don't have time for it - How do you work quilting into your busy schedules?
July 12, 1999
Can anyone tell me some of the copyright laws for quilters. Most applique books tell you to copy the designs and also do foundation piecing books. What if I sell a quilt using these copied patterns?
July 5, 1999
I am presently hand quilting a Lone Star quilt and the batting keeps coming through with the stitches, is there anyway to prevent this or fix what is already there
June 28, 1999
No question this week due to vacation
June 21, 1999
My large rotary cutting mat was crinkled during a recent move - how can I get it to lay flat again ?
June 14, 1999
Recently on Simple Quilts they mentioned that the Singer featherweight is a wonderful sewing machine for quilters--why
June 7, 1999
Are there any guidelines on making Quilt labels--size, amount of wording, embroidery embellishments, etc?
May 31, 1999
I once heard a story that when one completes a charm quilt of 1000 pieces, a woman will marry. Is this true? How do I find out about more quilt lore stories?
May 24, 1999
What are the different methods of hanging quilts at a quilt show?
May 17, 1998
I have been asked to sell some of my quilts - can you offer suggestions as to how to price your quilts?
May 10, 1999
Is there some way to tell if a fabric is 100% cotton, or if it contains polyester?
May 3, 1999
What are the considerations when framing a piece of fabric, especially old blocks? Need glass? Need spacers? Best products for mounting?
April 26, 1999
Does anyone have a suggestion to replace our Round Robin at guild? We need something new & mysterious
April 19, 1999
What hints are out there for creating a wall for designing quilts?
April 12, 1999
How do you get your hand quilted stitches on the back of the quilt to look as good as those on the front?
April 5, 1999
When did "people" start quilting?, Why?, And lastly, where did it start?
March 29, 1999
How would you make a "quilt as you go" reversible log cabin quilt-you get the log cabin pattern on both sides
March 22, 1999
Is there a way to figure out how much your quilt will "shrink" during the quilting process given a certain kind or weight of batting, how closely it's quilted, etc.?
March 15, 1999
What is shadow applique and how is it done?
March 8, 1999
I heard of a new style of quilting - instead of small stitches with white thread you use larger stitches 1/2 inch or so, and you use black embroidery thread. I am looking for any information on this subject - how do you pull the knots through?
March 1, 1999
I'd would like to know what patterns quilters are using to make their Y2K quilts?
February 22, 1999
I'm a beginner to intermediate quilter, but I'm still trying to understand color and how colors work together in quilts. I need tips (do's & don'ts) when choosing fabrics.
February 15, 1999
Does anyone have any warnings or tips on making quilted clothing such as a vest ?
February 8, 1999
Are there any drawbacks to using basting spray when hand-quilting?
February 1, 1999
Can anyone tell me anything about bargello patchwork - and quick methods of doing it?
January 25, 1999
What is the best paper for this method of quilting, where do you purchase this paper?
January 18, 1999
What is the best printer for printing on fabric? Is the print waterproof?
January 11, 1999:
What do you do with all those little scraps & charm squares?
January 4, 1999:
I would like to know what kinds of challenges different guilds have had and enjoyed - Is it alright to have a challenge theme, but no challenge fabric?

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