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Previous Questions 1997 and 1998

February 3, 1997:
How do you handle the bulk when you are machine quilting a large quilt?

February 10, 1997:
What is the best type of paper for paper piecing?

February 17, 1997
What works best when squaring up blocks and a quilt top?

February 24, 1997
How the heck do you properly bind the edges?/Is there a better way to attach the back of the binding to the quilt other than blind stitching?

March 3, 1997:
Does anyone have any experience with a domestic sewing machine that reproduces a "hand quilted stitch" look ? Does it really work well ?

March 10, 1997:
When joining blocks how do you get all the seams to lie flat and not twist?

March 17, 1997:
When I do hand quilting on a quilt to be entered in a judged contest, do I change my thread to match the color of fabric I am quilting on?

March 24, 1997
What is the best way to clean a quilt?

March 31, 1997
When machine quilting what is the best way to avoid puckering the back?

April 7, 1997
What's the most accurate way to make a lot of quarter square triangles?

April 14, 1997
How do you calculate yardage for making quilts?

April 21, 1997
How does one learn to design quilts?

April 28, 1997
Is is alright to serge the seams on a quilt?

May 5, 1997
What is the best computer program for designing quilts?

May 12, 1997
How do you paper piece curves?

May 19, 1997
How is quilt basting done?

May 26, 1997
Are quilts found around the world, or are they particular only to certain countries? Historically?

June 2, 1997
I want to get a quilting frame and I would like to know what brand is the best to purchase?

June 9, 1997
I have several quilt designs that I feel are marketable as booklets and/or kits. How do I go about finding someone to carry my quilts in their catalogue?

June 16, 1997
I am looking for the "ultimate" quilting needle. What is your favorite?

June 23, 1997
I have read that quilting is much easier with silk thread. Is there a noticable difference?

June 30, 1997
What is the easiest way to tie a quilt or comforter and what type of thread or yarn should I use?

July 7, 1997
What can be done to keep the blades sharp longer? Can anything be done to sharpen dull ones?

July 14, 1997
What is the best way to make a quilt out of t-shirts and how can I make the t-shirts not so stretchy?

July 21, 1997
What is the best quilt backing, muslin or "like fabric." Does it make a difference to the judges in a quilt show?

July 28, 1997
How do you keep your stitches consistent when you are hand quilting over thick seams?

August 4, 1997
What advise or recommendations do you have for a beginning quilter - books to read, classes to take, tips for success?

August 11, 1997
Due to illness, there was no new question this week - Sorry

August 18, 1997
What is the best way to hang a quilt for display on a wall?

August 25, 1997
What do you think is Hot or New in Quilting?

September 1, 1997
What is the best way to store our "stash", in a drawer, in plastic containers, on a shelf, or...?

September 8, 1997
When you see a fabric you love, but don't have a project in mind, how much do you buy?

September 15, 1997
Which do you think gives the very best results, a large quilting hoop or a frame?

September 22, 1997
What is the most reliable, efficient, easiest way to transfer photographs onto fabric?

September 29, 1997
I am interested in doing a "Quilt as you go" project. How do you put the quilt together once you have completed the blocks?

October 6, 1997
I was told childrens washable crayola markers work well for marking quilt lines, and that they are cheaper and better then the blue mark-be-gone markers. Is this true?

October 13, 1997
How does one deter the fraying of fabric edges when pre-washing fabric?

October 20, 1997
I prefer not to use the nylon thread on top when machine quilting - what type of thread/s do you prefer (brand names) and what do you use in the bobbin when you use them? Any special secrets for success that goes along with your suggestions?

October 27, 1997
I was wondering how to start a guild; what the rules and regulations?

November 3, 1997
My first teacher told us not to wash our fabrics before we quilt, but, all the magazines say to wash first. What do you suggest?

November 10, 1997
What is the most affordable ($) sewing machine for general sewing, quilting and embroidery ?

Novemer 17, 1997
What is the best iron to own; what should I look for?

November 24, 1997
What is the most durable method for baby quilts, tying or quilting?

December 1, 1997
What are the difference in quality of 100% cottons at a typical fabric store vs a quilt shop besides price?? Is it worth the tremendous price difference???

December 8, 1997
What quilt related gift or gifts would you like to get for the holidays this year?

December 15, 1997
What handmade gifts are you giving this year?

December 22, 1997
I would like to make a baby quilt using flanellette, but I've never used this type of fabric before. Any tips, suggestions, warnings? :-)

December 29, 1997
When pressing, does one press both seams to one side or do you press open the seams? Why would one way be better than the other?

January 5, 1998
Does anybody have any experience with tea-dye? I did a bright coloured quilt and was wondering how it would look like after putting it in a bowl of tea.

January 12, 1998
I would like to know what opportunities there are in the quilting arena for a home business; how much do you charge and what is it based on - time, materials, etc.

January 19, 1998
I love to piece and quilt, but I hate marking the tops! Any suggestions to make this job more enjoyable and easier?

January 26, 1998
I need suggestions on how best to use a stash of wool scraps for a quilt. Should I felt them first or just proceed as you would for a regular quilt. Also, how do you clean a wool quilt, machine wash cold/gentle cycle or dry clean?

February 2, 1998
How do you manage the curves and junctions of the scalloped edges around the wedding ring as you machine stitch the binding onto it?

February 9, 1998
I am new to machine quilting and have only used my darning foot, I keep looking at the Big Foot and want to know if it is worth purchasing?

February 16, 1998
Do you have any tips on easing in the curve on curved seams such as Drunkards Path?

March 2, 1998
I have some vintage partial blocks for Grandmother's Fan--does anyone have any tips, experience, or advice to share before I attempt to complete this special project started by my Grandmother over 40 years ago?

March 9, 1998
I know we touched on this back in May, 1997, but technology and quilters are advancing so fast. What's new in the world of quilt design programs? Which one do you love best?

March 16, 1998
How do guilds organized the making of their raffle quilts and how do you encourage all members of the guild to participate?

March 23, 1998
What can one use to mark the top which will wash out easily?

March 30, 1998
Someone wishes to pay me to make a quilt for them (from all new material - no scraps). If you make quilts for sale, how do you decide what to charge for your work?

April 6, 1998
I have a good sewing machine, I have used the embroidery and metallic needles,and I have played with the upper tension dials, but the silky and metallic threads continue to break on me whether I am straight stitching or stipple quilting. Help!

April 13, 1998
When is the best time to choose border and binding fabric - I find that if I choose it in the beginning I sometimes change it and use another; sometimes (like now) I am struggling to find a suitable border and am having difficulty. Should you buy all your fabric at once?

April 20, 1998
While connecting the thousands of yo yo's in my quilt, I find that the weight of the quilt is pulling the circles apart. I've tried different types of stitches to "tack" the circles but nothing seems to hold well. What am I doing wrong? Should I use a backing for this quilt? If so, how would I attach or tie it without batting?

April 27, 1998
I am moving into a new home and intend to have a quilting room, however, I am not sure how I should decorate the room to make it cosy and convenient for quilting. I have 2 walls and window lining the 3 wall. Any suggestions?

May 4, 1998
I am working on a applique block that a circle in the center calls for reverse applique. I can't see that it is any different than the freezer paper method or needle turn. Does someone have any idea if this is a different method?

May 11, 1998
I need some help in making a puffed quilt, any helpful hints?

May 18, 1998
After several years of lap quilting I'm ready to invest in a good fullsize quilting frame. I would prefer a nonbasting type. Any suggestions?

June 1, 1998
I will often have a peice block finish the correct measurement from side to side. example 12 1/2" wide but that same block will only measure at 12 1/8" or 12 1/4" from top to bottom. Please suggest something that might work to get both the width and length of that block to square up at 12 1/2" square.

June 8, 1998
Does anyone have experience with a disabled person quilting? I have a friend who suffered a stroke with right side paralysis. Before the stroke her work was beautiful; she machined pieced and hand quilted.

June 15, 1998
I have an embroider top of an american eagle I am making into a queen size quilt. Have you ever ar know of anyone who has quilted an embroider top?

June 22, 1998
What is the easiest and most accurate way to cut out triangles that are NOT right triangles? Is there an easy way to do this using my rotary cutter, or will I have to do it using templates?

June 29, 1998
There are only so many beds in a house! (I have only one.) What are some other creative ways to display your burgeoning quilt collection?

July 6, 1998
What are the best storage ideas or products available for storage of an heirloom quilt or just any quilt and is there a way to keep fabric from yellowing?

July 13, 1998
I'm looking for new, creative ways to sign my quilts. Any suggestions?

July 20, 1998
Where could I find material from the late 1800's until 1930?

July 27, 1998
I am working on my first hand quilted quilt. and the middle finger of my left hand is very sore. I find it extremely awkward to use a thimble on the finger since I have to feel the needle come through the fabric. Any suggestions?
August 3, 1998
Is it possible to hang a quilt on the wall without using visible hangers or dowels?
August 10, 1998
I'm looking for better and easier ways to piece together crazy quilts. Any suggestions?
August 17, 1998
My quilt tops lay flat until I put on the borders, although I measure the sides carefully. How can I ensure the tops are still flat after attaching the borders?
August 24, 1998
Many of the quilt magazines come with a separate section in the middle with the templates or quilt patterns. After using a pattern, is there an easier way to safe the pattern section without trying to restaple it back into the magazine?
August 31, 1998
I have heard conflicting advice about when to bind and when to hand quilt. Which should you do first - the binding or the quilting? Does it depend on the size of the item?
September 7, 1998
I am a beginning quilter and some of the patterns I like do not give you the the amount of fabric to buy to make queen & king size quilts; how do I calculate how much fabric to buy?
September 14, 1998
I am going to try piece machine quilting just doing sections at a time and adding on instead of machine quilting the whole thing. Is there any advice as to the best method or would you even try this?
September 21, 1998
I'm using applique for the first time and need help applique-ing sharp points. Mine are a mess. How do you clip? How much fabric should be turned under, where?
September 28, 1998
For longevity of the quilt what is the best batting, cotton or polyester?
October 5, 1998
How do you make Prairie Points?
October 12, 1998
What is the difference between a blender fabric and a focal fabric?
October 19, 1998
I am having difficulty getting motivated to do anything. I've been to shows, bought new fabric, new gadgets, even taken classes to find some new motivation and nothing seems to help - any sugestiions as to how to get back into the swing of things?
October 26, 1998
I'd like to know how to make a scalloped border.
November 2, 1998
I am new to MACHINE QUILTING and would like to know which thread is best for the top - nylon monofilament or cotton/cotton-wrapped polyester?
November 9, 1998
How do you know you're ready to submit your quilt/quilts in a judging or competition?
November 16, 1998
In reading an article about quilting published in 1882, It referred to a quilt as being "Gamboised." What does this mean?
November 23, 1998
I'm thinking about leading a project to have the 26 children in my daughter's 3rd grade classroom make a quilt, but I really want THEM to do the sewing, not just to draw to a picture and transfer it to fabric, then do the sewing for them. Does anyone know of any books on the topic, or have any tips on organizing the work, what patterns work well, etc.
November 30, 1998
How would you bind a grandmother's flower garden quilt? Would it be basically the same as a wedding ring quilt?
December 7, 1998
I like to ask this question every year - What quilt related gifts are you putting on your wish list in 1998?
December 14, 1998
What do I use to mark a top that is both light and dark values?
December 21, 1998
Does everyone sew a binding on by hand or would I be able to sew it on the machine ?
December 28, 1998
What new quilting toys did you get for Christmas this year?

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