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Question for the week of July 11, 2005:

Our question this week comes from Lucie:

I have lots of scraps and would like to make pieced tablecloths, but without a backing - are there patterns (other than yoyos and rag rug types) that are finished on both sides so that no backing is needed to cover raw edges?

Donna Smith :
Sew 1" seams on the top of the fabric. Finish off the seam allowances by folding under and using a decorative stitch. Leaves attrative fabric folds and stitches as your pattern.

Jean Dey :
Go to Connecting Threads website and type in "Orange Peel" in the search box. This is the easiest two sided finished idea I can think of. My second suggestion would be a fabric-foundation log cabin. You can purchase fabric already marked for this purpose.
Marge :
Make a quilt top and just back it without the batting. You can put two tops together and machine guilt them. I have done that and it works fine

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