Six Hour Baby Quilt FAQ

6 Hour Baby Quilt

Six Hour Baby Quilt

40" x 48" If you want a bit larger play with your borders.

18 9-patch blocks, 17 plain blocks
yardage (44" fabric):
for 9-patch blocks:
for 5 or more colors: 1/8 yd each, OR 1/3 yd for 1, 1/8 yd for 4
4 colors: 1/3 yd for 1, 1/8 yd for 3
3 colors: 1/4 yd for 2, 1/8 yd for 1 OR 1/4 yd each OR
1/4 yd for 2, leftover plain for 1
2 colors: 1/3 yd for 1, 1/4 yd for 1
for large squares: 1/2 yd
for inner border: 1/4 yd
for wide border: 1 1/8 yd
for backing: 1 1/2 yd
binding tape: 6 yd

Cut 2x44" strips across the fabrics you have chosen for the 9 patch blocks. Sew strips together; press. Cut strips 2" wide again. Join into 18 blocks; press well.
From the fabric for the large square, cut 2 strips the same measurement as your finished 9-patch. Cut 17 squares out of the strips.
Stitch 9-patch and solid squares into rows according to diagram (above). Press each row towards 9-patch. Sew the rows together.
For the inner border cut 4 strips 1 1/2" wide. Attach longer sides first, then short ends. For outer border cut 4 strips up to 8" wide. Again sew on longer edges first, then short edges.
Attach binding tape on edge, all the way around; mitre the corners.
Lay out backing wrong side up, then batting, then top. Pin or hand baste, then quilt or tie.


Question: Why are there only six blocks of number codes to the right when there are seven rows of 9-patch/alternating blocks? Am I missing something here?

Answer: The number codes to the right are suggested placements of fabrics for the 9- patches. The number code
for instance, suggests that you use fabric #1 in the corners, fabric #2 in the edge middles, and the same fabric for the center square as you use for the unpieced blocks. The number codes are there to suggest possibilities and neither to increase complexity nor to limit you. The possibilities are actually endless. There are six suggested because of lack of space.

It would be most traditional to use the same pattern of fabric placement for each nine-patch, but I personally don't see why every 9-patch can't be dif- ferent if you want it to be. If you make the 9-patches out of scrap fabric the number code would be something like
except that every 9-patch would have different fabrics.


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