Mail Order Resource FAQ

Please note that mail-order companies that have bases in states with sales tax must add sales tax charges on orders from residents of those states.

Name: Beadbox
Catalog(s): Janet Coles Beads
Address: 10135 East Via Linda, Suite C-112, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone Number: (602)451-4563
Comments: This catalog is very colorful and also has a great selection of beads.

Name: Beadworks
Catalog(s): $5.00
Address: 139 Washington St., South Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone Number: (202)852-9194
Comments: I have two bead catalogs that I love. The first one is Beadworks. It has alot of unusual beads in it that I can't seem to find anyplace else.

Name: Billie's Hoops &Things
Catalog(s): price list
Address: 1605 N. Commerce St., Stockton, CA 95204
Phone Number: (209) 948-0970
Comments: I saw a lap quilting hoop at our recent quilt show that I liked very much but haven't yet had a chance to buy. It was a 16" hoop hinged at two sides to 4-6" legs(!?) that extended downward to an oval platform that rests on your lap. The bottom (Lap side) of the platform was covered with felt to prevent it slipping off your lap. This also came with an inter- changeable oval hoop for border quilting. At the low, low price of about $59.95 (other sizes are available). Billie &Herman have been married 57 years and work out of their home (Herman says they live in their shop). They are such nice folks! You'll love the hoop &love doing business with Billie &Herman.

Name: Bonnie's Batts
Address: 2462 Lake George Dr. NW, Cedar, MN 55011-2996
Phone Number: 612-753-4636
Comments: she sells wool batts

Name: Cake and Kandy Emporium
Address: Village Common, 2019 Miller Rd., East Petersburg, PA 17520-1624
Comments: When I was at Lancaster, I saw the vendor whose chocolate quilt was on tv (someone mentioned it here last week). They will mail order their chocolate quilt squares (only from October to May). The squares were lovely to look at (made with colored choc.) - I didn't buy/eat one so can't vouch for the quality. They make three different 6" square designs, Nine Patch, Fan, and Lemoyne Star, in peanut flavor, chocolate, or vanilla.

Name: Cardwell Spiller Dyeworks
Catalog(s): fabrics (brochure)
Address: 2424 Pine Bluff Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80909-1316
Phone Number: (719) 471-7161
Comments: dyed fabrics with color gradations from selvedge to selvedge; neat colors with names like Autumn-Earth Random, Fire, and Night Sky.
Comments: Her stuff is WONDERFUL! She also does workshops, lectures and fun classes.

Name: Clothilde
Address: 1909 S.W. First Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315-2100
Phone Number: 1-800-772-2891
Comments: notions, needles, books

Name: Connecting Threads
Address: 5750 N.E. Hassalo, Portland, OR 97213
Comments: I don't normally like being put on mailing lists and receiving junk mail, however, a few days ago I received a new catalog called Connecting Threads. 90% of this catalog is descriptions of quilt books you can order from them. They are all discounted and the nice thing about this catalog is that is has color photos from each book.

Name: Contemporary Quilting
Catalog(s): Fabric of the Month Club
Address: 1730 Post Rd., Fairfield, CT 06430
Phone Number: 203-259-3564
Frequency/Cost: $24/year for monthly swatches
Comments: (I'm quoting from the flyer here) "Join our Fabrics of the Month Club to receive monthly mailings of the newest and most exciting fabrics to hit the market. For just $24 per year, you will receive a yearly total of no less than 250 usable 3-1/2" square swatches, all of 100% cotton. All swatches are numbered to enable you to order additional yardage without having to cut into the original swatches."

Name: Exotic Silks
Catalog(s): silks
Address: 1959 Leghorn Street, Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone Number: 800-845-SILK FAX (415)965-07
Comments: They are currently offering ON SALE Raw Silk Noil, 45" wide for $2.05 per yard. Stipulations are that you must buy 15-17 yards per fabric. They require a $100 minimum per order. If you put together an order with friends that $100 minimum is no problem. They also have sandwashed silk Habotai, 12mm for $6.50 per yard and a heavier weight sandwashed silk habo- tai (16mm) for $8.80 per yard. The mm is the "mummyweight". The lower the mm, the thinner the silk. The best way to explore their offerings is to order some basic samples of the undyed silks. That way you can feel the difference before you order. ALL SILKS ARE WASHABLE by hand or gentle machine. They also offer already made undyed silk tank tops, blouses, scarves neckties and other clothing, all for great prices.

Name: Gutcheon Patchworks, Inc.
Catalog(s): fabrics
Address: 917 Pacific Ave., Suite 305, Tacoma, WA 98402
Phone Number: 206-383-3047, FAX 206-627-1399 Comments: The colors are shades of dark red, blue green, mint green, pink and violet. Often the colors are dark but softened by a bit of white, so that the whole range appears a bit muted. The muted violets are not the same in each fabric, but they all go together. (My 83 Gutcheon fabrics look so good together that I've decided to do a Gutcheon scrap quilt.) The de- signs are unusual: one has lines of elephants, camels, and trees, but so abstract that they seem more like art deco stripes. Another is from Rus- sian revolution prints of the late '20s and '30s. Lots are florals and paisleys but definitely different from the ordinary. They have a mail or- der club, but I asked for their packet of samples. Cost is $7.49 per yard; their solids are cheaper and go well with the prints. The samples are very stingy: pinked pieces about 1 1/2" square, which do not always show the design well. There were some surprises when the fabrics arrived but no disappointments. The actual pieces of fabric were very generous, most half yard pieces being 19-21" after washing. The people are very friendly and trusting: when I sent my order I forgot to include my credit card number, and they sent the order out to me IN AUSTRALIA with a letter asking me to fax or phone the credit card number to them when the package arrived.

Name: Hancock Fabrics
Address: 3841 Hinkleville Road, Paducah, KY 42001
Phone Number: (800) 845-8723, (800) 626-2723
Fax Number: (502) 442-3152
Comments: They have very good prices on rotary cutters, rulers and mats, batting, etc.

Name: In The Beginning Fabrics
Catalog(s): newsletter, class schedule
Address: 8201 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Phone Number: (206) 523-8862
Comments: A cup of water for those of you in a quilt-supply desert (and those who just plain like to get mail [grin]). They have the largest selec- tion of quilting books in the Northwest. Many varieties of fabric packs.

Name: International Fabric Collection
Catalog(s): ethnic fabrics, $3.00
Address: 3445 West Lake Road, Erie, PA 16505-3661
Phone Number: 1-800-462-3891
Comments: This is an excellent source for ethnic fabrics: wax batiks, African prints, Liberty of Londons, Japanese fabrics, etc.! They have a slick color catalog and also show a range of clothing patterns which are suitable for the fabrics.
Comments: They have material from America, Italy, Liberty of London, Africa, Dutch Java, Japan. They have books too. Some of it is expensive, but I always go for the expensive stuff!

Name: Jehlor Fantasy Fabrics
Address: 730 Andover Park W, Tukwila, Wa. 98188
Phone Number: 206-575-8250
Comments: They specialize in fancy fabrics used for costumes, ice skating, ballroom dance, belly dance, etc. They have sequined fabrics, metallics, lame', satins, chiffons, lycra, brocades, rhinestones, glass beads, feather boas, fringe, beaded and sequined appliques, &trims.... watch for an announcement in Sew News about their 1993 color catalog.

Name: Jennifer's Fabric by Mail
Catalog(s): interlocks
Address: 53 Yorkshire Rd, Lexington, Ohio 44904
Phone Number: (419) 884-3328
Frequency/Cost: $3.50 (free with order)
Shipping Cost: $3.50 per order UPS
Comments: A home business, pretty new. She does two unique things in her catalog - she mentions which fabrics will coordinate, and she says how stretchy the fabric is. The interlocks are usually in the $6.50-$8/yd range, with a few for $3-$4/yd, [with] matching ribbing for most of them. She also has some striped interlocks. They carry Kwik Sew patterns, some sewing books, and no notions (so far).
Comments: I have to say that I'm just a little bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the fabric itself is beautiful, and obviously of excellent quali- ty, IT'S JUST THE COLORS THAT ARE TERRIBLE! All these blues, pinks, mauves, burgundy, different shades of purple, and bright red for gosh sakes! (Summer, Winter) YUK! And red clashes with my carrot-orange hair! Nobody in my family will wear a garment made of this stuff. They have strong color preferences. Where are the warm colors (Spring, Autumn)? I want some nice chocolate brown, camel, rust, peach, gold, olive, turquoise, etc. And geometric prints. No florals. I hate florals. Where can I get some good geometric prints?! Stripes are nice, but geometric prints are even higher on my scale of wonderful stuff.
Comments: Jennifer's currently is still kinda small (but growing) ...

Name: Katie's Collection
Address: 230 Rancho Alegre, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Phone Number: (505) 471-2899
Comments: Katie Pasquini-Masopust has a business that does mail order of hand-silk-screened fabrics, books and supplies. Chances are she sells the isometric paper mail order, since it's the designs from her book that everyone needs it for.

Name: Keepsake Quilting
Address: Route 25, PO Box 1618, Centre Harbor, NH 03226-1618
Phone Number: 603-253-8731
Fax Number: 603-253-8346
Comments: Great stuff, books, notions, patterns, FABRIC!!!, color pictures of some fabrics, medley (solid or print) of the month. Definitely a touch of heaven for those in need)
Comments: Keepsake is fast and accurate; the one time I needed to return something, the attitude was pleasant and helpful. When I place orders for quilting stuff, they go to Keepsake.
Comments:I've ordered from Quilts &other comforts and haven't had any problems. I also order from Keepsake. I prefer Keepsake only because the sales people are so friendly. Both seem to send out my order very quickly. The one time that I was missing an item from Keepsake it was sent out the next day. They didn't ask a question or give the impression that I was trying to pull a fast one on them.

Name: Key West Hand Print Fashions
Catalog(s): clothing with fabric
Address: 201 Simonton Street, Key West, FL
Phone Number: 305-292-8951, 800-866-0333 (info), 800-444-1462 (order); FAX 305-292-8965
Comments: tropical prints unlike anything you can get elsewhere -- clear medium-value solids with translucent-to-opaque white printed on them. most of the motifs are seashore stuff (shells, fish, starfish, etc). most fab- ric is cotton/polyester. Does not sell any 100% cotton yardage.
Comments: Key West Fabrics came to my attention through a tiny blurb in the now defunct Countryside magazine. My husband called for me and I subse- quently received a packet of 11 6x8 swatches of seashell prints (I'm the Alabama Seashell Freak). The swatches are beautiful, but the material is too pricy for me.
Comments: catalog shows clothing only, but they said (over the phone) that any fabric used in the clothing can be ordered as yardage as well. Watch this space: I'll be getting order info one of these days. Some 100% cotton in attractive prints.

Name: The Lena-Claire Company
Catalog(s): large SASE (with 52 cents postage)
Address: Box 1073, Gracie Station, New York, NY 10028-0007
Comments: Earlier someone mentioned the Lena-Claire Company. Leslie Levison (who owns it) sells color-coordinated mixtures of beads for crazy quilting, as well as many other wonderful threads and supplies.

Name: Liberty Mail Order
Address:Fabric Department, Regent Street, LONDON W1R 6AH
Phone number: 071-734-1234 ext. 2244/2357. Comments: They may have a fax no. but it doesn't say it in their brochure. Catalogues are 2 pounds and you get that back on your first order. They will send any patterns of Tana Lawn, plain lawn, and Varuna wool. Overseas customers don't have to pay VAT. They take Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Being British (and lovely) the stuff is expensive but I in general think what I can afford is worth it!

Name: Nancy's Notions
Catalog(s): sewing and quilting supplies
Address: 333 Beichl Ave., Beaver Dam, WI 53916-0683
Phone Number: 1-800-833-0690
Comments: oodles of wonderful notions at discount, with reasonable shipping charges, and the *best* customer service I've ever dealt with.
Comments: a valuable catalog. They offer discounts for large orders (great for groups that want to put their orders together.) Extensive selection of sewing and quilting notions. Some prices better than Clothide.
Comments: very good to deal with as they are so quick to respond and fill orders. I have always had very positive experiences with them, and they also have a very good' catalog, lots of useful items.
Comments: Lots of quilt related supplies at excellent prices, plus a com- plete selection of general sewing supplies. As a regular customer you get discount offers in the mail that eliminate shipping costs or offer addi- tional savings. This is Nancy of "Sewing with Nancy" fame on PBS or cable TV. The time-saving tricks and gadgets she shows are in the catalog.
Comments: it carries lots of useful sewing notions such as walking feet, needles, etc, that can be hard to find in stores. I recommend it highly.
Comments: they carry a variety of notions and seem to offer good discounts. You can get wonder thread for applique, rulers, rotary cutters, mats, sew- ing machine feet, ironing aids, etc. They also carry lingerie fabrics and elastics and supplies for heirloom sewing. I've only mail ordered from them with good results.

Name: Open Chain Publishing, Inc.
Catalog(s): sewing and quilting books
Address: P.O. Box 2634-F, Menlo Park, CA 94206
Phone Number: (415) 366-4440, FAX (415) 366-4455
Shipping Cost: $2.50 for 1, $.50 for each additional book; or UPS/1st class Comments: Call them for a sales sheet giving exact titles and prices. They have a money-back guarantee.

Name: Patchworks
Catalog(s): reproduction fabrics
Address: 126 E. Main St., Bozeman, MT 59714
Phone Number: 406-587-2112
Comments: Yesterday I received a shipment of samples that I had ordered from Patchworks in Bozeman, Montana. Included in it was a flier that explained about authentic reproductions of flour sacks from Montana's flour mills. Ass sacks are preshrunk muslin 22" x 24", $8.00 each. I have some fabric from Patchworks and it is good quality.
Comments: They have reproduction fabrics from pre-1890's to the present. I've been to the store several times and they are a very reputable company. They have sample packets of several different fabric eras. There is a *small* mail order catalog available.

Name: Pelle's
Service: fabric dyes and stamps
Address: P.O. Box 242, Davenport, CA 95017
Phone Number: (408) 425-4743
Comments: Pelle's sells see-through stamps for fabric stamping as well as dyes for stamping on fabric. They also have a catalog. I have a couple of sheets here from them with instructions on how to use their stamps/dyes and their special package deals. They also will make a stamp of any design that you send them. I don't know of anyone that's tried this, but it seems like a cute idea.

Name: Philips-Boyne Corporation
Address: 1646 New Highway, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone Number: (516) 755-1230
Comments: Their specialty is shirting material of any kind imaginable. The prices are incredibly affordable. All of the material is available through mail order. Otherwise, an appointment is necessary. I picked up some won- derful 100% cotton batiste, 45" wide, for $2.95/yd. There are other weights available.... I found some wonderful tone on tone loosely woven white damask ... The Quilting Bee here offered something similar for over double the price.

Name: Purchase For Less
Catalog(s): books on quilting
Address: 231 Floresta PFL, Portola Valley, CA 94028
Frequency/Cost: $2.00 for first catalog
Shipping Cost: $1.00
Comments: The new machine quilting book was $14.00 (plus $1.00 S&H) and the Machine Applique book was also $14.00. These books go for $20.00 at most other places.... It is strictly mail order ... Once you order from them, they continue to send updated catalogs. I have no affiliation with them, just a satisfied customer.
Comments: I think to save on costs they also accept only checks or money order.... Since learning about this place, I just wait for any quilt book to appear on their list and order it from them. I received my order via UPS within a week.

Name: The Quilt Cottage
Address: 801 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, LA
Phone Number: 800-453-6998
Comments: The Quilt Cottage has an amazing stock for a small shop. The gals who own it are sharp--one has published a book on fan quilts. They also have a mail order 800 number and their classes look terrific. Specialize in quilting, especially machine quilting, but also have a big selection of fabrics and trims for smocking and hand sewing. I received the new flyer yesterday and they advertise their own lucite templates. I loved visiting there when I went to see my mom. Their mailing list is great to be on and they have a special system of perks to frequent customers.

Name: Quilter's Dream Enterprises
Catalog(s): discounted quilting supplies
Address: Suite 703, 15100 SE 38th St., 100, Bellevue, WA 98006
Phone Number: (206) 562-6289
Frequency/Cost: free
Comments: I don't know what they are really like, as I just received their catalog today, but here's a source for discounted quilting supplies ("always 15% to 30% off"). They list books, rotary cutters and mats, hand-dyed fabric and notions among their offerings. Prices seem on par with Hancock Fabric Warehouse and are sometimes a little better. Shipping charges look reasonable and they say satisfaction is guaranteed.

Name: Quilting Bee
Address: 357 Castro St., Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone Number: 800-782-5366, 415-948-8077
Hours: 9-5:30 M-Sat, 11-4 Sun
Comments: this is raved over in the northern California list.
Comments: "The Quiltmaker's Toy Store." "Free brochure."

Name: Quilting Books Unlimited
Catalog(s): books
Address: 1911 W. Wilson, Batavia, IL 60510
Phone Number: 708-406-0237, FAX 708-406-0238
Frequency/Cost: $1
Comments: I have used this company a lot in the past.

Name: Quilt'n Cross
Address: 2085-C River Rd., Norco, CA 91760
Phone Number: 909-278-1249
Comments: Isometric paper is called "Grafix Paper". Equilateral triangle grid for use with pencil, pen and fine tip marks. All Grafix Paper Grids are proportionately scaled to the same measurements, so they can be used together to creat new designs. They also had 2 other types of graph paper but I don't remember what they were. It comes in a tablet of 8 1/2 by 11" sheets. It cost me $4.75 for about 100 (?) pieces.

Name: Quilts &Other Comforts
Address: 6700 West 44th Ave., P.O. Box 394, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0394
Phone Number: 303-420-4272
Fax Number: 303-420-7358
Comments: books, kits, patterns, fabric, color catalogue
Comments: Although Q&OC has lots of lovely things in their catalogs, I've found their response time to be equivalent to molasses in January in the Alaskan tundra.... Because of this and a rather surly response from Q&OC when I wanted to return something they had sent in error, I no longer do business with them.
Comments: A couple of days ago I asked people for their opinions of Quilts and Other Comforts. I thought I had heard negative things in the past and wanted to be sure their service was satisfactory before sending them lots of money.
Turns out that most people were pleased with Q&OC, although some said they would never order from them again. The single biggest complaint was the speed (or lack thereof) with which the orders are filled. Backordered items sometimes took months to arrive, and even things sent promptly were sent to the wrong address. However, the company changed hands fairly recently, so maybe everything has smoothed out by now.

Name: Quiltwork Patches
Catalog(s): fabric
Address: 209 SW 2nd St., Box 724, Corvallis, OR 97339
Comments: lists a Tony Wenzel Prints sampler of 20 different prints. Tony Wenzel is an Australian designer who has produced a number of mostly floral fabrics at various scales over the past several years, notably a series of Australian wildflower in several colorways. Other samplers listed and il- lustrated are: RJR prints, English lawn prints ('nearly as nice as Liber- ties but a less than half the price'), Robert Kaufman prints, Hoffman prints, conversation prints, Pilgrim Roy prints, Logantex prints, Momen House prints, Japanese prints, Batiks and Handpaints prints sampler, and others. a satisfied customer for the past several years. Of all the mail orders I do I like them best for variety, friendliness and fast service.

Name: The Rag Merchant
Catalog(s): patterns for quilted clothing
Address: 1533 Linden Street, Suite 200, Des Moines IA 50309
Phone Number: (515)244-2315 or FAX (515)244-2315 after hours
Comments: they offer a collection of 10 patterns, some of which are very un- usual. They look like they are designed to take you step by step through the design process (i.e. you can make them any way you like OR you can fol- low their design ideas). They claim to be full size patterns, petite through extra large. "interesting clothing to sew and create". They cost, on average $4 each for a multi-size pattern. You can request a pattern leaflet from them at the above address.

Name: SCS Sewing &Craft Supply
Address: 9631 NE Colfax, Portland, OR 97220
Phone Number: 1-800-542-4727
Comments: I just received a new catalog (that I requested) in the mail and it looks wonderful! It's SCS USA Sewing &Craft supply. They've got many things for quilters (no fabric) and GREAT prices.
7 pages (with pictures) of machine feet for all brands
24 different bobbins (with actual size pictures!) including bobbins for my grandmothers treadle!
Molnycke/Gutterman/Sulky and more with complete color charts of all colors. Also all kinds of metallic, ribbon floss and more. (pricing example - Gutterman thread, 110 yds, $.94 ; for six or more spools, $.84)
Really cute rubber stamps with quilting/sewing motifs
Four pages of sewing room furniture
Rotary cutters/mats/Rowenta irons/marking aids....the list is long!
Limited selection of books from That Patchwork Place, but fantastic prices:
Rotary Riot (Hopkins Martin) $16.50
Rotary Roundup $16.50
Fun with fat Quarters (Nancy Martin) $12.75
Easy Machine Paper Piecing (Carol Doak) $14.95
Jacket Jazz (Judy Murrah) $16.50
Watercolor Quilts (Magaret/Slusser) $18.75

Name: Sewing Sampler Productions
Catalog(s): basics plus either fashion fabrics or kids
Address: PO Box 39, Springfield, MN 56087
Phone Number: (800) 772-5011 or (507) 723-5011
Frequency/Cost: 6 mailings/year of swatches for $10
Shipping Cost: $3.50 per order UPS
Comments: These folks have a retail store in addition to their mail order business. They have a regular line of Cotton Club interlock and French Terry (100% Cotton) with matching ribbing. This is of *excellent* quality ... it seems to equal Hanna quality ... The price on the interlock and FT is $9 yd. They also carry alot of Oshkosh and Healthtex fabrics, and a full line of quality fashion fabrics, too.... metal snaps ..., collars ..., woven patches, and various other notions.... Please mention me (Grace Sylvan, Lewiston Drive, San Jose, CA) if you decide to subscribe to the swatching service (... I get a small credit ... They also have various newsletters: for sewing, for kids, [and] for home business (I think) ... if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get a 10% discount on your pur- chases. They also carry the _Easy Sewing_ book series, and other pamphlets and patterns.... their prices are fair (for the quality of fabric), and they carry a large selection of cotton fabrics that I often haven't seen in my local stores, along with some poly cottons.
Comments: [also carries] Supplex

Name: Taylor's Cutaways and Stuff
Address: 2802 East Washington St, Urbana, IL 61801
Comments: I believe someone was recently asking about sources for fabric by the pound. I have purchased from [Taylor's]. They appear to have the scraps from after cutting clothing, etc. I have a very very old catalog, but their scraps are divided into different sizes (e.g. "pieces" vs. "remnants" which are >= 1/4 yd). This catalog lists: satin, craft velvet, craft fur, felt, cotton and cotton blends, knit, velour fleece, tricot, silk. They also carry buttons, laces and some general craftsy stuff.

Name: Testfabrics, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 420, Middlesex, NJ 08846
Phone Number: 908/469-6446
Frequency/Cost: free
Comments: a great source for ready-to-dye fabrics of all sorts. Testfabrics, Inc. lists 52 different cottons, plus linens, silks, wools, blends (includ- ing cotton/wool) and man-made fabrics among their products. They also car- ry wide quilting cotton, sheeting and linen, plus napkins, placemats, silk scarves, natural and synthetic yarns, natural dyes and more.... cotton/wool (only $13.50/yd!) ... They will sell as little as a yard

Name: That Patchwork Place
Address: P.O. Box 118, Bothell, WA 98041-0118
Phone Number: 800-426-3126 US, 206-483-3313 international orders
Fax Number: 206-486-7596
Comments: publisher of some of the best books around; kits too
Comments: They list not-yet-published books in their catalog, but don't la- bel all of them as such. This is an issue because they don't charge extra shipping to send backordered books, but do charge extra shipping to send books ordered before they are published. Their order filling isn't too ac- curate, either: in my 1st order, I ordered 4 books, refraining from order- ing a 5th because it wasn't published yet. Of the 4, one was out of stock, one hadn't been published yet (therefore I'm going to get socked by a 2nd shipping charge), one book I ordered they sent, and one I didn't order they sent. So I pay the P.O. a 3rd shipping charge to return the wrong book, and I'll find out if I pay a 4th one for them to send me the book I did or- der (assuming it has been published and is still in stock). Their catalog says that we can find their books at quilt and book stores; if my experi- ence is typical, I'd recommend that we do that instead of ordering straight from them. Rather disappointing.

Name: The Thread Shed
Catalog(s): 100% cotton thread
Address: P. O. Box 898, Horse Shoe, NC 28742-0898
Comments: I just sent them an order for 10 cones of thread in all ranges of colors. Prices are $10.00 for a 6000 yard cone (in limited colors), and $4.00 for 2000 yard cones in over 100 different colors (but do YOU know the difference between Hunter Green and Ranger Green?). If you send fabric swatches, they will color match for you so you don't have to guess.

Name: Thumbelina Needlework Shop
Catalog(s): Danish cross-stitch, Danish flower thread
Address: Copenhagen Dr., Solvang, CA
Comments: You might want to call because they have a couple of mail order catalogs -- one Eva Rosenstand and a supply catalog. It's a great store, I was just there in August and bought three Permin of Copenhagen designs. They have an enormous inventory of imported charts and kits and will cheer- fully order anything especially for you that they do not have in stock.

Catalog(s): price sheet; FREE upon request
Adress: PO Box 1128 Dept I, Denville NJ 07834-8128
Phone#: 201-586-3844
Comments: Specializing in beads to quilters &garment makers. Lines include Czech glass (seeds, bugles, twisted bugles), Swarovski sew on shapes, Czech firepolish crystals, specialty beads from around the world, books on bead embroidery, notions. No MC or VISA. Fast mail order.

The following list was collected by Margaret - Updated 5/20/95


Art to Wear                   $1 catalog
5 Crescent Pl.
Rm 20
St. Petersburg, FL  33711

Beads &Buttons
P.O. B. 2908
Vista, CA  92085
Fax 509-489-5074

10135 East Via Linda
Suite C-112 
Scottsdale, AZ

Beads So Rare
P.O. Box 5587
Buffalo Grove, Ill  60089-5587

Beadworks                     $5 catalog
139 Washington St.
South Norwalk, CT  06854

Buttons Unlimited             $2 catalog, refundable
12819 SE 38th #431
Bellevue, WA  98006

Dogwood Lane
Box 145
Dugger, IN  47848
          Handmade porcelain buttons

Earth Guild
33 Haywood St.
Dept. T
Asheville, NC  28801

Evening Star Designs          $3 catalog
69 Coolidge Ave.
Haverhill, MA  01832

Gampel Supply Co
39 W. 37th Street
NY, NY  10018

Lacis                         $4 catalog
3163 Adeline St.
Dept. PWR
Berkely, CA  94703
          Silk Ribbons

Le Bead Shop                  $3 catalog
1970 13th St.
Boulder, CO  80302

Lena-Claire Co.               Lge. SASE w/$0.52 postage
Box 1073
Gracie Station
NY, NY  10028-0007

Madras Ribbons                $2 samples &catalog
Box A3973
Chicago, Ill.  60690

Debra J. Rutherford
P.O. Box 100
Essex, MA  01929
Tel:  508-927-7012
Fax:  508-927-3828
          Handmade buttons

Shipwreck Beads               $3 catalog
2727 Westmoor Ct. SW
Dept. OR
Olympia, WA  98502

Soho South                    Free Catalog
P.O. Box 1324
Cullman, AL  35056

Something Pretty              $2.50 brochure
Rt. 1 Box 93C
Big Sandy, TN  38221
          Handmade/painted ceramic buttons

Sweet Child of Mine
139 East Fremont Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA  94087
          Hand Dyed Silk Embr. Ribbons

TWE Beads
P.O. Box 1128
Denville, NJ  07834-8128

VR Alex Ltd.                  $3 plus SASE, refundable
P.O. Box 384
Downers Grove, ILL  60515
          Hand made glass buttons


Dover Publications
31 East 2nd St
Mineola, NY 11501

Bette Feinstein
96 Roundwood Rd.
Newton MA 02164
(617) 969-0942
          Used books

Interweave Press
201 E. 4th Street, Dept. A-BP
Loveland, CO  80537
Fax:  303-667-8317
          Needlework, dye, craft books

Peddler's Wagon               $2 catalog, refundable on 1st odr.
Box 109PW
Lamar, MO  64759-0109
          Used needlework/quilting books

Purchase for Less             $2 catalog
231 Floresta
Portola Valley, CA 94028
          Heavily discounted.

Quilting Books Unlimited      $1 catalog
1911 W. Wilson
Batavia, IL   60510
(708) 406-0237 phone
(708) 406-2038 FAX
          10-20% discount on books.

R.L.Shep                      $2.50 catalog
Box 668
Mendocino, CA 95460
- 1990-91 catalog has 1000 items.  $2.50 catalog. 
           Books, costume and textile arts

Unicorn Books
1338 Ross St
Petaluma, CA  94954-6502
1-800-289-9276 (1-800-BUY-YARN)
707-762-3362; FAX: 707-762-0335;  
Hours (as of 3/93): 9am - 5pm Pacific Std Time, Mon - Fri

Wooden Porch Books            $3 catalog

Lois Meuller
RT1 Box 262
Middlebourne, WV  26149
          Used books


Aljo Mfg. Co.
81 Franklin St.
NY, NY  10013

Cerelean Blue                 Free catalog
P.O. Box 21168
Seattle WA 98111
(800) 676-8602
206-323-8600; FAX: 206-726-9279

Dharma Trading Co.            Free catalog
          Dye, batik, marbling, fabric pain, silk dyes

The Patchworks                $4 catalog &samples
6676 Amsterdam Rd. Dept. BB
Manhattan, MT  59741
          Indigo dye/printing plates

P.O. Box 242
Davenport, CA  95017

Pro-Chem &Dye Co
P.O. Box 14 Dept. T
Somerset, MA  02726

Rupert, Gibbon and Spider, Inc.         Free Catalog
P.O. Box 425
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(800) 442-0455
          Scarf blanks, dyes, equipment, paints.

Texicolor Corp.               Free price list
444 Castro Street Suite 400
Mountain View, CA  94041-2043
415-968-8183 (Eric Hoyer)
Fax:  415-969-8660
          Comm. quality fabric inks &paints, and "starter sets"


Allen Weaving Co.
501 West Fayette Street
Syracuse, NY 13204 
          Imported Scottish Oilcloth $25/yd 60" wide

The Angus International I/E Agency  $9 catalog/swatches
6 Fok Loh Tsun Road
Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Fax: 852 718 4565

Baltazor's                    $2 catalog
Dept. T
3262 Severn Ave.
Metairie, LA  70002


Barbeau Fine Fabrics          $12 swatch service
1308 N. Birch St.
Ft. Collins, CO  80521

Berman's Leathercraft, Inc.   $3 catalog
25 Melcher St.
Boston, MA  02210-1599

BluePrints Printables
1504 Industrial Way #7
Belmont, CA  94002-1201
          Pretreated yardage/swatches for cyanotype

Bonnets &Bows
5557 E. 41st St.
Tulsa, OK  74135
          Liberty of London prints

Britex Fabrics
San Francisco
- LARGE collection of fabrics; will send swatches for mail order.

Calico House
Rt. 4 Box 16
Scottsville, VA  24590
          Heirloom Fabr., imported laces, gingham

Classic Cloth
34930 US 19 North
Palm Harbor, FL  34684
800-237-7739 (orders)
800-785-6593 (information)

Cloth of Gold
1220 Spartanburg Hwy.  Dept. SN
Hendersonville, NC  28739
          Quilting Cottons

Cotton Club
P.O. Box 2263, Dept. PA
Boise, Idaho  83701
          Quilting cottons, Pointillist pallet

Daffodil Dye Works
10111 Davis Ave.
Woodstock, MD  21163
          Hand dyed 100% cotton in solids and textures

Daisy Kingdom
3720 N.W. Yeon Ave
Portland, OR  97210
Fax:  800-476-4329

914 Southwind Ct. Dept 1194
Collinsville, IL  62234
(618) 345-3326
          Children's Fabrics

Dharma Trading Company 
(800) 542-5227
          silk fabrics for scarves, clothing and yardage.

Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs
700 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY  41011

Exotic Silks
1959 Leghort St.
Mountain View, CA  94043
          Large order &wholesale Silks

Fabric Gallery                $4 samples
146 W. Grand River
Williamston, Mich  48895
          Fine shirtings

The Fabric Garden
RFD #5, Box 240
Skowhegan, Maine  04976  
          Hoffman, Kaufmann, RJR, Mum's The Word, P&B

Fabrics Plus
629 So. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #403
San Marcos, CA  92069-3996
          Quilting Cottons

511 Penn Ave.
Sinking Spring, PA  19608

Fashion Fabric Club           $4.95 membership
Dept SN 694
10490 Baur Blvd.
St. Louis, MO  63132

Fat Quarter Quilt Co.         $3 catalog + free FQ
P.O. Box 8087
Long Beach, CA  90808

Fishman's Fabric              
1101-43 South Desplaines St.
Chicago, Ill 60607

Gallery Of Fabrics
3108 Piedmont
Atlanta, GA  30305
3641 Westheimer
Houston, TX  77027
          imported woolens

Gaelic College
Cape Breton in Nova Scotia
          Tartans by family

Geetex Enterprises (HK) Ltd.
GPO Box 3931
Hong Kong
          10lbs. of chineese fabric swatches $25

Goose &Gander Gallery        $2.00 brouchure/prices
Box 335
Burrton, KS  67020
          Reproduction Muslin Grain/feed sacks

Granny's Quilts Sewing Ctr
4509 W. Elm QN
McHenry, Ill.  60050
          Quilting fabs, notions etc.

G-Street Mail Order           $40/yr for 12 swatch batches
12240 Wilkins Ave.            w/$5 rebate per mailing
Rockville, MD  20852
          Mail Order for any item sold
          Swatch Service

Hearthside Quilts
P. O. Box 429
Shelburne, VT  05482-0429

Hambrick's Fabrics            $3 samples
820 Regal Dr.
Huntsville, AL  35801
Fax:  205-534-4912
          Hoffman prints &Heirloom fabric

Hancock Fabrics, Inc
3841 Hinkleville Rd at I-24
Paducah, KY 42001

Harriet's Treadle Arts        $1 catalog
6390 West 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 424-2742
          Reproduction fabrics
Highland Dress and Pipe Band Outfitter
17 Greenwood Drive
South San Francisco, CA 94080
          Tartan &Wools

Homespun            $2 catalog &samples
Box 3223-T94
Ventura, CA  93006
International Fabric Collection
3445 West Lake Rd.
Erie PA  16505-3661
          Japanse/African/Dutch Java/Wax Batiks/Fabrics 

Jehlor Fantasy Fabrics
730 Andover Park West
Tukwila, WA  98188
          Fancy &costume materials

Kasuri Dyeworks               $12.50 Video Catalog of 200 fabs
1959 Shattuck St.
Berkeley, CA  94704
          Japanese fabs, Yukata, Ikat, silks $10-$70/yd

Keepsake Quilting             Catalog $1 anytime
Dept. TM                      Free @ Mailing time
Dover St.
P.O. Box 1459
Meredith, NH  03253
FAX:  603-253-8346

Key West Hand Print Fashions
201 Simonton Street
Key West, FL  
          Hand Printed tropical fabrics (expensive)

Kirk Collection
1513 Military Ave.
Omaha, NE  68111
          Antique fabrics

Kite Studio
555 Hamilton Blvd
Wescosville, PA  18106
          Banner Fabric &hardware

Liberty of London Mail Order  2 British Pounds Refundable
Fabric Department             on 1st order
Regent Street
London W1R 6AH
071-734-1234 ext. 2244/2357
          Overseas customers don't have to pay VAT
          Visa, Mastercard and Amex

Linen Fabric World            $3 swatches
1246 Bird Rd.
Miami, FL  33146
          Imported Linen

Material World                $8 swatches 4xs yr.
5700 Monroe St.
Sylvania, OH  43560

Miss Maureen's                
7575 Ken Buck Lane
Irvington, AL  36544
          Heirloom Fabr., cotton, linen, silk, Kona, Hoffman &

Natural Fiber Fabrics Direct            $4.95 member
10490 Baur Blvd
Dept. SN 694
St. Louis MO  63132 

Old Millworks
P.O. Box 9013
Dickson City, PA  18519

Oriental Silk Co.
8377 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90048
          Imported silks, some wools

Pa Ndau
Owner:  Ia Maus Yang
26452 Eureka
Warren, MI  48091
          Hmong appliqued blocks, reasonable &in all sizes

6676 Amsterdam Rd
Amsterdam, MT  59741-8315
          Reproduction fabrics and muslin flour sacks

Quilter's Express to Japan
80 E. 11th Street Suite 623
NY, NY  10003

Quilts &Other Comforts
6700 West 44th Ave.
P.O. Box 394
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034-0394
          Quilt Kits

Quiltwork Patches                       $1 catalog
209 SW 2d Street
Box 724-QCQ
Corvallis, OR  97339
          Watercolor Sq. packets, Scrap packets, tools etc.

Reproduction Junction
Dept. QNM1
20 Lynnhaven Rd.
Leonminster, MA  01453
          Reproduction fabrics

Sawyer Brooks Dist. Fabrics   $7.50 for Season Subs.
P.O. Box 909T
Boylston, MA  01505

Sewing Sampler Productions
PO Box 39, Springfield, MN 56087
(507) 723-5011
          Cotton Club interlock and French Terry
          Equal to Hanna Anderson Quality

Silk City

Sunday's Finest               $8 catalog w/$5 towards purch.
PO Box 609
Bowie, MD  20718-0609
          Heirloom Fabric

Stitches N' Spice
320 Claranne Ave.
Dayton, OH  45419

Scottish Castle
1028 Lower Level
Sacramento, CA 95814
          Tartan &Wools

Tandy Leather Co.             $2.50 Catalog
P.O. Box 791
Fort Worth, TX  76101
          All types Leather/snakeskin and all accessories

[Outside U.S.:
          Tandycrafts Leather
          PTY. LTD.
          P.O. Box 55 (5082)
          Prospect, Austrailia
          (8) 3448191

          Tandycrafts, Ltd.
          120 Brock Street
          P.O. Box 13000 
          Barrie, Ontario, Canada  L4M 4W4
          (705) 728-2481

          Pearce Tandy Leathercraft Co., Ltd.
          Billing Park
          Northampton, UK  NN34BG
          (0604) 407177

Thai Silks                    Club $20/yr
252 (T) State St.
Los Altos, CA  94022
Fax 415-948-3426

That Patchwork Place
P.O. Box 118
Bothell, WA  98041-0118
          Quilt Kits

The Unique Needle
539 Blossom Way
Hayward, CA 94541

Thimble House Fabrics
Dept. D 
10863 Rosebrook Rd.
Sherwood, OH  43556
          Watercolor 2" squares

Testfabrics, Inc
P.O. Box 420
Middlesex, NJ  08846
          Ready-to-Dye and blanks

Threads At Gingerbread Hill   $8 swatches 4 xs yr.
356 E. Garfield
Aurora, OH  44202

Ultrascraps/DM Designs
6626 W. 79th Ave.
Arvada, CO  80003
          Ultrasuade scraps

Zoodads Children's Fabric
P.O. Box 15073
Riverside, RI  02915
          Osh Kosh etc.


Dawna Layman
P.O. Box 357
Lugoff, SC  29078

Nona Hammon
4420 E. 26th 
Joplin, MO  64804

William V. Myers
6661 Eldridge St
San Diego, CA   92120
          Featherweights $250-$450


Pleasant Mountain Woodworks
P.O. Box 2294
Mt. Pleasant, TX  75456-2294
          Full sized 2 &3 bar quilting frames
          Reasonable prices


Four Paws Sundries &Supplies $1 Catalog
8032 22d Ave. Suite 183
Kenosha, WI  53143

Ginsco Trims                  $5 catalog
242 W. 38th Street
Dept. 80
NY, NY  10018

P.O. Box 4099 
Bethlehem, PA 18018-0099
          Inexpensive entredeux and embroideries

Lace Heaven                   $3 catalog
Dept. T
P.O. Box 50150
Mobile AL  36605

Lacis                         $4 catalog
3163 Adeline St.
Dept. PWR
Berkely, CA  94703
          Lace &Bobbin lace


Atlanta Thread and Supply Co.
695 Red Oak Road
Stockbridge, GA  30281
(800) 847-1001
(800) 331-7600
FAX: 404-389-9202

APS Enterprises               SASE
P.O. Box 6306 (CL)
Garden Grove, CA  92645
          Pfaff Extension Tables

Bee Lee Co
Box 36108
Dallas, TX  75235

Better Pak
675 Dell Rd.
Carlstadt, NJ 07072
(201) 804-0202
          Rolls of industrial gridded pattern paper

Blonde Woven Labels
20735 Darnestown Rd.
Box 26
Dickerson, MD  20842
          Custom Woven labels

Canadian Loon Imp. Exp.     
P.O.Box. 721                
Souris P.E.I.
Canada  COA 2BO          
          Rotary cutters &mats
          whole sale prices

Clotilde, Inc.
2 Sew Smart Way
B 8031  THM 4
Stevens Point, WI  54481-8031

P.O. Box 5028
Spartanburg, SC  29304

Earth Guild
33 Haywood St.
Asheville, NC  28801

Hancock Fabrics, Inc
3841 Hinkleville Rd at I-24
Paducah, KY 42001
          45 mm Olfa blades:  10-pack $22.98
          store brand blades: 10 pack $19.00

Harriet's Treadle Arts        $1 catalog
6390 West 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 424-2742 

Heirloom Woven Labels
P.O. Box 428  SN1194
Moorestown, NJ  08057
          Custom woven labels

P.O. Box 4099 
Bethlehem, PA 18018-0099

Little Foot
605 Bledsoe NW
Albuquerque, NM  87107
Fax:  505-345-4348
L.P. Sharp
HC3 Box 48A
Emily, Minnesota 56447
          Re-Sharpened rotary blades @ $ per blade

Mary Maxim
2001 Holland Ave.
Port Huron, MI  48060

Nancy's Notions
333 Beichl Ave.
Beaver Dam, WI  53916-0683

National Thread &Supply Corp.
Dept. A-215
695 Red Oak Road
Stockbridge, GA  30281
800-331-7600 ext A-215

Northwest Tag &Label         $1 brochure
110 Foothills Rd.
Suite 224
Lake Oswego, OR  97034
          Custom printed labels

Purchase for Less             $2 catalog
231 Floresta PFL
Portola Valley, CA  94028
          Discount Books

130 New Hyde Park Rd.
Franklin Square, NY  11010
800-645-3416 ext. 263
          Commercial tackers/plastic tacks/needles
          (Dennison Fine Fabric Tacking Guns for Quilt Basting)

The Quilting Bee              Free catalog/brochure
357 Castro St. 
Mountain View CA  94041

SCS Sewing &Craft Supply     Free catalog
9631 NE Colfax
Portland, OR  97220

Sewing Emporium
1087 3d Ave.
Chula Vista, CA  92010
          Preser feet, etc.

Sew/Fit Company
P.O. Box 397
Bedford Park, IL  60499
(800) 547-4739 (order line)
(708) 458-5600

The Snap Source, Inc.
P.O.Box 99733
Troy, MI 48099-9733
          Good Quality Snaps

Stitch N Craft
5634 W. Meadowbrook Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-1639
Phone 602-846-0300
Fax 1-800-279-1995
          Bulk Olfa large rotary Blades 10/$12.95

The Perfect Notion
566 Hoyt Street
Darien, CT  06820
(203) 968-1257
          Helpful and hard to find notions.

25834-I Narbonne Ave.
Lomita, CA  90717
(213) 534-5122
(800) 327-4222


Activewear Fabric Club        $16 for 6 swatch packets
P.O. Box 8128
Tacoma, WA  98418-0128

Allen Weaving Co.
          Scottish Oilcloth

Frostline Kits
2512 W. Independent Avenue            
Grand Junction, CO  81505-7200
(800) KITS-USA
          Down, and down kits.

Mountain Mend
1580 Canyon
Boulder, CO 
(303) 443-1925
- No additional information.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics
2511 Latah Drive
Nampa, ID 83651
          GoreTex, Ultrex, Cordura, Packcloth, Ripstop etc.
          Wholesale prices if large purchase.

Seattle Fabrics
3878 Bridge Way N
Seattle 98103
(206) 632-6022
          canvas, gor-tex, polarplus, etc.

Sewing Sampler Productions
PO Box 39
Springfield, MN 56087
(800) 772-5011  or (507) 723-5011
          Nylon Supplex 

Sew Natural Fabrics by Mail
4650 Bishop Road
Mechanicsville MD 20659
(800) 368-0126  or  (301) 373-3067

Sharlane Products
104 Washington St.
Auburn, ME  04211-1365
          Outdoor/Marine Fabrics

The Green Pepper
3918 West First Avenue                
Eugene, OR  97402
(800) 767-5684
          Also carries neoprene fabric.

The Rainshed
707 NW 11th St.
Corvallis, OR  0\97330
          Sleeping bag insullation


Amazon Drygoods
2218 E. 11th Street
Davenport, Iowa  52803-3760

Bonfit America
5959 Triumph Street
Dept. SNI
Commerce, CA  90040-1688
          Bonfit Patterner

BURDA Pattern Magazines       $60/yr; $30/6 mos; $15 spec issues
German Language Publications, Inc. 
153 South Dean Street
Englewood, NJ  07631

Butterick Patterns
PO Box 569
Altoona, PA 16603
Approx $9 for 4 issues; each issue includes a
2-for-the-price-of-1 pattern 
coupon (plus $2 for shipping and handling)

Dress Shop (program)
P.O. Box 970
Janesville, CA  96114-0970

Fittingly Sew Pattern Program $149
Bartley Software, Inc.
72 Robertson Road
Box 26122
Nepean, Ontario  K2H9R0
Folkwear Patterns
The Taunton Press
63 S. Main Street
P.O. Box 5506
Newtown, CT  06470-5506
          (Discounted @ Earth Guild, infra)

Great Copy Patterns
P.O. Box 085329
Racine, WI  53408
Fax 414-632-0152

Harper House                  $5 catalog
P.O. Box 400
Dept. SBFL-4
Gratz, PA  17030-0400
          Vintage clothing patterns

Kwik Sew                      $5 catalog inc. s/h
3000 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN  55411

McCalls Patterns
PO Box 3325
Manhattan, KS 66502-9917

Personal Patterns             $129-$179
Water Fountain Software
13 E. 17th Street
3d Floor
NY, NY  10003

Quilt-Pro Systems             $94 + $4 S&H
P.O. Box 560692
The Colony, TX  75056
          Quilting program

Stretch &Sew, Inc.
1165 Valley River Dr.
Eugene, Oregon  97401

The Yardstick
P.O. Box 912
Ketchem, Idaho  83340
(208) 726-8822
          Old Folkwear patterns

Two Bobbins Full
323 Main Street
Polson, Montana  59860
(406) 883-3643
          Old Folkwear Patterns

Vogue Patterns
Altoona, PA 16603
Approx $14 for 6 issues; each issue includes a
2-for-the-price-of-1 pattern 
coupon (plus $2 for shipping and handling)


Aardvark Adventures           $2 catalog
P.O. Box 2449 Dept. T
Livermore, CA  94551

Sew Art
Dept. T-1
P.O. Box 550
Bountiful, UT

Sewing Emporium
1079 Third Avenue
Chula Vista, CA  92010
(619) 420-3490
          Presser feet (also custom), mats

Sweet Child of Mine 
139 E. Fremont Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA  94087
          Hand dyed silk embroidery ribbon

Speed Stitch
PO Box 3472
Port Charlotte, FL  33952
(800) 874-4115

Thread Discount Sales
5960 E. Florence St.
PO Box 2277
Bell Gardens, CA  90201
(213) 773-8409

Things Japanese               Free brochure
9805 NE 116St.
Kirkland, WA  98034
          Silk Thread/Tire Thread

Thread Shed
P.O. Box 898
Horse Shoe, NC  28742-0898

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