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Quilting Books with Patterns for Kids


by Toni Phillips and Juanita Simonich

This is a WONDERFUL book of children's quilts with great designs, mostly pieced. They are crib/wall quilt size but there is no reason they could not be incorporated into a large quilt, if you wish. One quilt is called Wheels &More Wheels and has a tow truck, fire engine, ambulance, and police car, so it is not strictly trucks. In addition to this, there are the following: Astronaut, farm, cowboy, circus, zoo, christmas, a school quilt.


by Margaret Rolfe
That Patchwork Place

This book has a lot of North American wildlife -- birds, squirrels, owls, black bears etc.

It uses straightline piecing methods (no inset pieces) to create realistic looking animals and birds (cardinal, beaver, racoon etc.)


by Margaret Rolfe
Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. New York

I can attest to both of these books as great sources for easily pieced animal blocks. The GO WILD book was a great hit when we had it for the book draw at our guild meeting. It contains 14 North American Animals (racoon, beaver, ducks etc).

My favorite for children. This book hasas a whole zoo, patterns for many dinosaurs, farm animals, etc. In my opinion they are more fun than traditional blocks and make finding naturalistic fabrics fun too.


by Margaret Rolfe.
Sterling Publishing

Another fun book. This one has patterns for pieced blocks featuring native Austrailian birds and animals.

Story Books

Summary from Nancy R

My stash of children's books with a quilt theme is almost as big as my *other* stash :-D
Here's a short list: >

1. "The Patchwork Quilt" by Valerie Flournoy - this is one of the best all time stories of African American family life ever, and of the relations between the generations. The illustrations by Jerry Pinkey are lovely.
2. "The Quilt Story" by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Tomie dePaol
3. "Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt" by Lisa Campbell Ernst
4. "The Rag Coat" by Lauren Mills
5. "The Patchwork Lady" by Mary K Whittington
6. "Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt" by Deborah Hopkinson
7. "The Boy and the Quilt" by Shirley Kurtz
8. "Eight Hands Around-A Patchwork Alphabet" by Ann Whitford Paul
9. "The Return of Morris Schumsky" by Steven Schnur is the story of the making of one wedding Huppa
10. "The Mountains of Quilt" by Nancy Willard and Tomie dePaola
11. "Tar Beach" by Faith Ringgold...a picture book based on her art quilt reminicenses of her childhood in New York
12. "Nine in One GRR! GRR!" by Blia Xiong and Cathy Spagnoli and published by Children's Book Press of SanFrancisco. Each page of this Hmong folk tale is surrounded by a quilt like border of Hmong needlework. It is a marvelous source for effective borders. I have the great good fortune to work with Blia as an interpreter.
13. "The Keeping Quilt" by Patricia Polacco which is the story of a quilt handed down thru generations as a crib quilt and a wedding Huppah.
14. "14,287 Pieces of Fabric" by Jean Ray Laury (sounds like someone with a fabric stash to rival mine)

"Behind the painted picket gate There lived a quilter known as Kate.
She had one son, a boy named John;
One daughter, whom she doted on.
She had one husband and one house
One pup, one cat, one little mouse.
And 14,287 pieces of fabric.

More Quilt Story Books

from Barbara R.

I have over 60 children's books that have a "quilt story" theme or that have quilts in the illustrations. Here are a few to add to your list:

"O the Red Rose Tree" by Patricia Beatty; William Morrow Pub; pb. for 10 and up; a delightful novel about some young girls who are determined to help an "older woman" realize her special dream to make a special quilt.

"Lavender" by Karen Hesse; Henry Holt and Co.Pub;pb. for 7-9 yr. olds;a short chapter book about the making of a special quilt for a new cousin.

"My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt" by Janet Bolton; Doubleday Pub; hardcover for 4 and up; a unique picture book that uses blocks from the actual quilt to illustrate the story of a young girl growing up on a farm. At the end of the book there is an envelope with 10 fabric quilt squares so that you can make your own doll's quilt just like the one in the book.

"Mrs. Noah's Patchwork Quilt" Janet Bolton; Doubleday Pub; hardcover for 4 and up; a similar format to the above book except that the story told is that of Noah's Ark.Quilt fabric squares are also provided.

"Patchwork Island" by Karla Kushkin; Harper Collins Pub; hardcover for 3 and up; a picture book that tells the story of a young mother and the quilt she makes to wrap up her baby in the "seaside" colours of their island (Prince Edward Island,Canada) home.

"Linda Lou" by Meighan Morrison; Scholastic Pub; a paperback for 3 and up; a charming tale illustrated using applique patchwork and embroidery to tell the story of a young girl who loves to "dress up" in her finery only to find out that she has forgotten something.

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