Index to Articles from Threads Magazine

By Carolyn P
This compilation is my own index of articles, questions, tips, letters, supplies, book reviews from Thread magazine. I do not claim to be completely accurate. In addition, the classification of some of the entries may not appear to be accurate, remember these classifications were for my reference. Thanks and enjoy. Carolyn

I have set up the index as follows:
title, section (or author), vol:page, topic

Why do colors flee the light?, Questions, 1:8, Dye
Dyeing Gold and Yellow, Blackburn, Edna, 1:28, Dye
Resisting Dyes, Northrup, Wendy, 1:30, Dye
Designing the Warp, Criscola, Jeanne, 1:66, Fabric
Family photos on your quilt, Clips, 1:82, Quilt
Disposing of dyestuffs, Tips, 2:8, Dye
The Ins and Outs of Hand Quilting, Giganti, Maria, 2:64, Quilt
Indigo: From Seed to Dye, Books, 2:76, Dye
Surface Design for Fabric, Books, 2:78, Fabric
Indigo dyeing, Tips, 3:8, Dye
Stretching Fabric in Small Spaces, Levy, Julie, 3:34, Dye
From=20White-on-White to Color, Currie, Meg, 3:39, Quilt
Log Cabins, Larzelere, Judith, 3:58, Quilt
On quilts and quilting, Books, 3:76, Quilt
In the Heart of Pennsylvania, Books, 3:78, Quilt
Mennonite Quilts and Pieces, Books, 3:78, Quilt
Making Patchwork for Pleasure and Profit, Books, 3:78, Quilt
Amish Crib Quilts, Books, 3:78, Quilt
A quilting bee among the Amish, Fox, Judy Kellar, 4:12, Quilt
Mastering the Art of Hand Applique, Wolff, Colette, 4:49, Quilt
The Baltimore Friendship Quilt, Wolff, Colette, 4:52, Quilt
Dye-recipe query, Letters, 5:4, Dye
A safety tip for fiber-reactive dyes, Tips, 5:10, Dye
Why Bother with Natural Dyeing, Bulbach, Stanley, 5:32, Dye
Beyond Quilting, Dyett, Linda, 5:70, Quilt
Dyes from the Herb Garden, King, Helen, 6:58, Dye
Hey, sailor, let me shorten your sleeve, Heirlooms, 6:98, Quilt
Chemical safety in dyeing, Letters, 7:4, Dye
The Art Quilt, McMorris, Penny, 7:30, Quilt
Punch and Poke Quilting Without Thimble, Millett, Sandra, 7:32, Quilt
Group of Quilters Fit Ideas to Theme of Gift, Barnett, L, 7:33, Quilt
Wool quilt batting, Questions, 8:7, Quilt
Strip-quilted rounds, Tips, 8:8, Quilt
New Twist on Resist (arashi shibori), Wada, Yoshiko, 8:20, Dye
A textured approach to arashi shibori, Beytebiere, D., 8:24, Dye
Textile Printing/Dyes and Fabrics, Books, 8:72, Fabric
Shibori tip, Tips, 9:10, Dye
A flourishing Art: USA Hmong (pa ndau), Porter, W., 9:33, Quilt
Quilting for world peace, Notes, 10:14, Quilt
Fashionable quilts, Notes, 10:16, Quilt
Dyes from Mushrooms, Rice, Miriam, 10:44, Dye
Gilding the Lily (crazy quilts), Horton, Margaret, 10:48, Quilt
Double Lives, Mattern, Joanne, 10:62, Quilt
Shapely Curves, Anthony, Janice, 11:30, Quilt
Turkish Marbling on Cloth or Paper, London, Rhoda, 11:66, Dye
Uncoverings 1985: Vol. 6 of research papers of Am. Quilt Study Group, Books, 11:72, Quilt
Amish Doll Quilts, Dolls and Other Playthings, Books, 11:73, Quilt
Night stories (Hmong embroidery), Comment, 11:82, Quilt
Ready for the Needle (preshrinking, etc.), Coffin, D, 12:43, Fabric
Layered Tarpunto, Morrison, Lois, 12:50, Quilt
Handing down more than just a quilt, Heirlooms, 12:86, Quilt
The Hawaiian Quilt, White-Hansen, S, 13:22, Quilt
Color and Fiber, Books, 13:76, Fabric
Hawaiin quilting: two books and a film, Books, 13:78, Quilt
Medallion Quilting, Miller, Kristin, 14:60, Quilt
Work Spaces for Quilting, Mashuta, Mary, 15:52, Quilt
Freezer paper for quilters, Tips, 16:10, Quilt
Custom-made Feather Rings, Fons, Marianne, 16:62, Quilt
Review of quilting videos (11 videos), Reviews, 16:78, Quilt
Designing Orienal Quilts, Cloninger, Judy, 17:46, Quilt
Computer printing on fabric, Notes, 18:16, Fabric
The quilt is an art, Notes, 18:18, Quilt
Embroidery from Japan (sashiko), Ogawa, Hiroko, 18:23, Quilt
Quilting Strip by Strip, Larzelere, Judith, 18:57, Quilt
Improvisational Technique-African American quilts, Books, 18:72, Quilt
The ultimate sewing shop: NYC, Supplies, 18:76, Fabric
Improvisational Technique-African American quilts, Leon, E, 19:70 Hearts and Hands, Books, 19:80, Quilt
A Quilt for Jane (Jane Austin Soc=92y), Notes, 20:18, Quilt
Drawing a Line with a Sewing Machine, Jackson, Damaris, 20:30, Quilt
The Raindow=92s the Limit, Knutson, Linda, 20:53, Dye
Toward Smaller Quilting Stitches, Simms, Ami, 21:63, Quilt
The velvet quilt, Comment, 22:90, Quilt
Alphabet Applique, Fons, Marianne, 23:33, Quilt
On the Surface ( 3 techniques for color on fabric), Coyle, K., 23:50 Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!, Books, 23:74, Quilt
Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Pattns, Books, 23:74, Quilt
Invisible Applique, Books, 23:74, Quilt
English Quilting Old and New, Books, 23:74, Quilt
Embroidered Hmong Story Cloths, Books, 23:74, Quilt
Clothes for Quilters, Hyman, Ann W., 24:43, Quilt
Seminole Patchwork Deciphered, Yund, Ginny, 25:39, Quilt
The good, the bad, the ugly, Humor, 25:98, Quilt
Quilts Celebrate the Human Spirit, Allen, Norma B., 26:39, Quilt
A Warm Quilt in a Weekend, Yanagi, Amy T., 26:56, Quilt
Batting sources, Letters, 27:4, Quilt
Making perfect borders for rugs and quilts, Tips, 27:10, Quilt
Quilt Geometry, Speakers, R., 27:50, Quilt
Pattern Printing Primer, Voulkos, C., 27:64, Fabric
For the mail-order minimalist (quilts), Supplies, 27:84, Quilt
Rubber-stamp finesse, Letters, 28:4, Fabric
Perfect hexagons for quilters, Tips, 28:15, Quilt
Quilting together or apart, Notes, 28:18, Quilt
Couture Pillows (piping, bias binding), Carr, Roberta, 28:26, Quilt
Big Prints, Little Pieces (A color study), Sawyer, Susan, 28:41, Quilt
Welcoming the Blues (competition tips), Hamilton, V., 28:66, Quilt
From=20the judges=92 point of view, Stephens, J., 28:67, Quilt
Sophisticated Stenciling, Ericson, D., 28:68, Fabric
Hands on Dyeing, Reviews, 28:84, Dye
Of Fractals, Pixels, &Rotating Quilt Blocks, Heller, L., 29:54, Quilt
Nancy Crow: Quilts and Influences, Reviews, 29:86, Quilt
Amish Quiet, Amish Quilt, Bender, Sue, 30:68, Quilt
Making a Nine Patch, Kennedy, Sandra, 30:71, Quilt
Clues in Calico: A Guide to Identifying Antique Quilts, 30:84, Books
Color and Cloth, Books, 30:84, Quilt
Crosspatch, Books, 30:84, Quilt
Fabric Puzzles, Oppenheimer, E., 31:39, Quilt
Painting Fabrics with Air, Caplinger, M., 31:67, Dye
Amish: The Art of the Quilt, Reviews, 31:96, Quilt
Confessions of an addict (fabric), Humor, 31:114, Fabric
Sunprinting for Quiltmakers, Adleman, C, 32:49, Quilt
From=20photographs to fabric, Brown, Tafi, 32:51, Quilt
Every Trick in the Book, Books, 32:86, Quilt
The Sampler Quilt Workbook, Books, 32:86, Quilt
Jane Austin quilt pattern, Books, 32:88, Quilt
Marbling on Fabric, Books, 32:88, Dye
Quilting Makes the Quilt, Fons, Marianne, 33:50, Quilt
The Colorist=92s Cookbook, Holland, Nina, 33:70, Quilt
Quilted Clothing, Mashutta, Mary, 34:60, Quilt
British Views on Quilting, Notes, 35:26, Quilt
Dots and Dashes (Art of Stippling), Flynn, John, 35:58, Quilt
A Constellation for Quilters, Books, 35:84, Quilt
The Ins &Outs, Perfecting the Quilting Stitch, Books, 35:84, Quilt
The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing, Books, 35:84, Quilt
Dyes from Nature, Books, 35:84, Quilt
Nature=92s Colors, Books, 35:84, Quilt
Rub-print Fabrics, Perry, Linda, 36:49, Fabric
Safari for the City (quilted jacket), Faiola, Linda, 36:54, Quilt
Caring for Quilts, Avery, Virginia, 36:76, Quilt
In the Nature of a Curve (Welsh quilting), Waterman, M., 37:66, Quilt
A Passion for Piecing, Sudo, Kumiko, 38:60, Quilt
A Vest for Quilters, Clark, Rachel, 38:64, Quilt
Piecing Perfect Points, Simms, Ami, 39:46, Quilt
The Passionate Quilter, Books, 39:82, Quilt
A Quilt Style of Your Own, Carter, E, 40:39, Quilt
Keeping Your Comforter Clean, Harper, Rochelle, 41:31, Quilt
Quilting the Big Picture, Newman, Velda, 41:38, Quilt
Couture Quilting, Carr, Roberta, 42:30, Quilt
Tahitian Papercut Quilts, McElroy, R., 42:36, Quilt
Needle-Turn Applique, McElroy, R., 42:40, Quilt
Resist Dyeing Made Simple, Robarge, N., 42:70, Dye
Ribald quilters' newsletter, Notes, 42:74, Quilt
Multiple uses for freezer paper, Tips, 43:8, Quilt
Hawaiian Scrap Coverlet, Markrich, L., 43:55, Quilt
The big quilt controversy (An opinion), Notes, 44:24, Quilt
Flowers from Baltimore Album Quilts, Sienkiewicz, E., 44:40, Quilt
Sewing Room Details, Adney, Carol, 44:54,
Adapting Architectural Details for Quilts, Books, 44:72, Quilt
Sewing in Small Places, Coffin, David P., 45:37,
An Intricate Quilt from Simple Blocks, Soma, Karen, 45:58, Quilt
Environmental quilters, Notes, 45:72, Quilt
Patterns in Motion, Parham, L., 46:64, Quilt
Computers and quilting, Questions, 47:10, Quilt
Kids and Quilts, Langille, J., 47:42, Quilt
No-Template Piecing, Hoffman, E., 47:54, Quilt
Leaf Printing on Fabric-photosensitive dyes, Auchard, B., 47:62, Dye
Three quilt-design packages for IBM computers, Reviews, 47:78, Quilt
Obligation, Humor, 47:90, Quilt
Imported quilts aren=92t the competition, Letters, 48:6, Quilt
Beyond Square Quilt Blocks, Simms, Ami, 48:36, Quilt
Introducing the Rotary Cutter, Coffin, David P., 48:40, Quilt
The Changing Seasons: Quilt Patterns from Japan, Books, 48:74, Quilt
Rotary cutters and rulers for quilters, Supplies, 48:76, Quilt
Quilts with Photographic Memories, Hoffman, E., 49:40, Quilt
Wearable Quilts, Reviews, 49:88, Quilt
Jacket Jazz, Reviews, 49:88, Quilt
The spirit of Mama's quilts, Humor, 49:102, Quilt
Embellishing with Fabric, Saint-Pierre, A., 50:66, Fabric
Beyond Bargello Quilts, Radner, Donna, 50:70, Quilt
Quilts from Nature, Reviews, 50:80, Quilt
Quilting with Style, Reviews, 50:80, Quilt
Tips for Quilters, Reviews, 50:80, Quilt
The Fiberworks Sourcebook, Reviews, 50:81, Quilt
Imagery on Fabric, Reviews, 50:81, Fabric
The Fabric of Art (Nancy Crow), Coffin, David P., 51:44, Quilt
Spiral Patchwork, Inverso, Therese, 51:72, Quilt
Quilting cottons, dyed for texture, color, Supplies, 51:86, Quilt
Fabric Lovers, Yarns, 51:98, Fabric
Easy five-pointed designs, Tips, 52:16, Quilt
Dyeing, Basics, 52:22, Dye
Color of Your Own, Livingstone, K., 52:48, Dye
Power Tools for Quilt Designers, Echols, M., 52:52, Quilt
Portable, storable quilt design wall, Tips, 53:16, Quilt
Quilting with Novelty Prints, Rettig, S., 53:33, Quilt
Secrets of Professional Applique, Hendry, D., 53:70, Fabric
New line of quilting fabrics, Notes, 53:76, Fabric
Cabin fever (sewing rooms), Yarns, 53:94, Fabric
Great Quilt but Directions Lacking, Letters, 54:8, Quilt
Simplifying Shapes for Quilt Design, Benson, J., 54:46, Quilt
Applique with a Running Stitch, Benson, J., 54:49, Quilt
Knotted Fabric Buttons and Beads, Ericson, D., 54:57, Fabric
A New Vision of Your Quilting Stash, Mashuta, M., 54:71, Quilt
Exploring Printed Patterns with Collage, Mashuta, M., 54:72, Quilt
Quilting (new products and tools), Notes, 54:76, Quilt
A fabric outlet odyssey, Yarns, 54:98, Fabric

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