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Quiltmaking Tips and Techniques: Over 1,00 Creative Ideas to Make Your Quiltmaking Quicker, Easier and a Lot More Fun
From 60 Top-Notch Quilters and the Editors of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
Written by Jane Townswick
Edited by Suzanne Nelson
A Rodale Quilt Book
Cost: ?

Review: Just for your knowledge, I will list the chapters

  1. Organizing an Effective Workspace
  2. Color and Fabric
  3. Drafting Patterns and Designing Quilts
  4. Rotary Cutting
  5. Traditional Cutting
  6. Machine Piecing
  7. Hand Piecing
  8. Machine Applique
  9. Hand Applique
  10. Settings
  11. Borders
  12. Quilting Designs
  13. Hand Quilting
  14. Machine Quilting
  15. Finishing
  16. Special Techniques
  17. Care, Repair, and Display

And, of course, the usual acknowledgments and index at the end.
I find it to be a very good allround general info book.
Reviewed by Cindy Sat, 09 Jul 94 09:49:48 EDT

In Love with Quilts
Oxmoor House
Cost: $24.00 Hardcover

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994 07:58:25
From: Kathy
I don't normally buy the quilt book offers that come in the junk mail, but for some reason I did buy a book called "In Love with Quilts" by Oxmoor House, and am pleasantly surprised by it. It is a hardcover book of 160 pages. It has BEAUTIFUL colorful pictures of 16 quilts plus other things like pillows, runners, and (yawn) an apron.
Here is a list of the quilts they show:

  1. Burgoyne Surrounded - Done in the classic red/white pattern
  2. Sawtooth Collection - shows an antique (gorgeous) and an updated pattern in southwestern style (very nicely done)
  3. Basket Collection - Blue's and white, ordinary but pretty
  4. Star of the Orient - A contemporary pattern with different shades of calicos gives this an old fashioned appeal (a definate to make)
  5. Schoolhouse Quilt (and many accessories) - that is probably the prettiest one of this pattern I have ever see done in very country colors, its on the top of my list
  6. Dresden Plate Baby - A delicate pink dresden plate for a baby girl with sawtooth border, adorable
  7. Bow Tie Baby - This screams boy at you in soft blue with blue strips, sawtooth border like the other one, what a prize these would be for a set of twins
  8. Churn Dash Collection - a very, very old pattern done in ultra country colors, I love it
  9. Quilt Block Sampler - A wallhanging sampler that has different colors, pretty, but not my style
  10. New York Beauty - A gorgeous pink/green quilt with scalloped edging. The points in the block remind you of lady liberty's crown, hence the name
  11. Bears Paw Collection - A classic in its own, wish I had one >
  12. Album Quilt - An interesting quilt women made for each other when one moved away where they signed their names, looks boring to make
  13. Sunny Garden - Strange little wallhanging with a scarecrow
  14. Mariners Compass - An absolutely breathtaking picture. This is one I wish I had the patience to make.
  15. Pinwheel Quilt - Ordinary pinwheel, but country so I love it
  16. Cozy Christmas - A bizarre assortment of stuff, they could have chosen a lot better for such a beautiful book
  17. Pretty Pillows - An assortment of blue/white pillows. They are pretty but left me a little disappointed at the end of the book.
This book includes patterns for EVERYTHING, detailed instruction, the works. I paid $24 for it, and feel it's worth it. I'm putting it on my coffee table for others to enjoy.

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994 08:34:56 EDT
From: Lucette
I have this same book, and I feel the same way about it that you do...Some of my best inspirations for color *and* pattern have come from that book. :) When I showed that book to my mom, she "swiped" it for a while, so I had to buy her one of her own.
My father's Christmas gift this year is the Mariner's Compass in that the same colors as they show. (I'm only making 6 whole blocks, none of the half/quarter block stuff!) It's definitely going to take the gift of patience, but the look on his face will be well worth the wait! And I'm starting NOW! :)
I recommend this book highly to anyone. :)

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994 09:05:46 EDT
Reply-To: Mary
I am also in love with the Oxmoor quilt book series, having at this point received 2 books and expecting a third any day now. I am so jealous of people who can make a Mariner's Compass and have it come out all right--the colors of the one in the "Love of Quilts" book are absolutely gorgeous!! Maybe some day.

That Patchwork Place PO Box 118, Bothell WA 98041-0118
Phone 1-800-426-3126 to order.
Cost: $19.95

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 14:50:34 EST
From: Judy
It's all kinds of cats--pieced, appliqued, cats based on fan blocks, crazy cats, even a "sunbonnet sue" cat. Lots of cute little wallquilts There's one DALMATION quilt in the book --called "firehouse dogs" and it has little fire hydrants in each corner. This is really the best book I've seen for cat (and one doggie) quilts.

From: Gary F
DESIGNING NEW TRADITIONS IN QUILTS, by Sharyn Craig, published by Chitra Publications, 1991.
Reads quickly and easily. A picture book treasury of inspirations.

Date: 8/16/95
From: Lori K

Patchwork Quilts Made Easy
Patchwork Quilts Made Easy
Written by Jean Wells
Rodale Press 1994
Cost: $24.95

This is a great book. In my opinion it is a must have for any quilters library.
It is well written with clear concise instructions, and beautifully illustrated. There are instructions for at least 40 quilting projects. The chapters are broken down into the pattern, making it easy to find the type of project you want to do. There is even a chapter on my favorite - Sampler Quilts.
Jean Wells has done a wonderful job with this book and I recommend it to everyone.
Also available from C &T Publishing 800-284 1114

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