Special Techniques Book Reviews

  Beyond the Horizon - Small Landscape Applique
By Valerie Hearder
C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA, 1995
Reviewer: Sue Traudt Date: 6-Dec-95

A step-by-step guide to creating landscapes from fabric. Teaches the basics as well as how to use special fabrics and embellishments. Covers both hand and machine applique as well as how to "frame" the finished project.


  1. Fabric
  2. Inspiration
  3. Creativity
  4. Learning to See
  5. Design Principles
  6. Cut and Collage
  7. Applique Stitchery
  8. Fusible Applique
  9. Specialty Fabrics
  10. Embellishments
  11. Finishe the Landscape
  12. Expanding Horizons

Easy Machine Paper Piecing
by Carol Doak
That Patchwork Place , Bothell, WA, 1994
Cost: about $19.95 Paperback

 Faces &Places - Images in Applique
By Charlotte Warr Anderson
C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA, 1995
Reviewer: Sue Traudt Date: 6-Dec-95

A wonderful book. Covers converting pictures into works of quilt art. Discusses what makes a good photo to base your work on, lighting and perspective. Full coverage , including step-by step photo illustrations, of the technique of creating patterns, selecting fabrics, appliqueing and quilting. Examines using both people and landscapes as inspiration.


  1. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  2. Enlarging Procedures
  3. Pattern Drawing
  4. Fabric Choices
  5. Transferring and Marking
  6. Needle Turn Applique
  7. Stitch By Number
  8. Far and Near Landscapes
  9. Culmination

 Impressionist Quilts
By Gai Perry
C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA, 1995
Reviewer: Sue Traudt Date: 12-Dec-95

A new twist on watercolor quilts, Gai Perry leads the reader through the processes of creating quilts based on the style of the Impressionist painters. Instead of using fabric squares cut all to the same size, these quilts take advantage of entire flowers printed on the fabric and combines these larger squares with other size squares used for backgrounds. The results are stunning quilts with recognizable patterns blending into subtle backgrounds. The book contains a though discussion of color and color theory that could be applied to more than just quilting. Many pictures of completed Impressionist quilts have been included to inspire the reader.


Hands on Dyeing
by Betsy Blumenthal &Kathryn Krieder
Reviewer: Heddi Date: 26-Jul-94

Someone was asking about good books about dyeing a while back and I wanted to reccomend the book Hands on Dyeing by Betsy Blumenthal and Kathryn Krieder. I think it's a fantastic one for the beginning home dyer. Their method is clear and simple and I've had great results with it. I just wish I had more time to do it! :-)

Watercolor Quilts
by Pat Magaret &Donna Slusser
That Patchwork Place, Bothell, WA, 1993
Cost: about $25.95 Paperback

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