Quilt History Book Reviews

The Quilt Encyclopedia Illustrated by Carter Houck
Harry N Abrams, New York, NY, 1991
Cost: about $39.95 Hardcover

Quilts Identification and Price Guide by Liz Greenbacker &Kathleen Barach
Avon Books, New York, NY, 1992
Cost: $14.00 Paperback

QUILTS: A LIVING TRADITION by Robert Shaw. published by Hugh Lauter Levin, 1995.

Reviewed by : Diane K Date: 11/7/95

This new, expensive ($75), coffee table book is a historical account of some quilting around the world, including American traditional, Hawaiian, Amish, Japanese, American Indian and contemporary and art quilts since 1970. The pictures are fantastic and there are little biographies of some of the current artists (Margaret Wood, Michael James, Nancy Crow), which is sometimes difficult to find. I really hesitated about purchasing it because of the price tag, but after looking at it and sharing it with others, I think it was money well-spent.

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